Crenshaw: Proposal to Pay Illegal Immigrants, Vaccine Mandates 'Why Virginia Went the Way It Did'

Crenshaw: Proposal to Pay Illegal Immigrants, Vaccine
Mandates 'Why Virginia Went the Way It Did' 1

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed the Biden administration for a reported proposal to pay reparations to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families after illegally crossing the border during an appearance on Thursday’s broadcast of FNC’s “The Story.”

He also questioned the so-called Build Back Better agenda, vaccine mandates and tax breaks for blue states. He claimed that was “why Virginia went the way it did.”

“Well, they’re all over the place, whether it’s about the Build Back Better agenda or about what they’re doing with illegal immigration at the border,” Crenshaw said. “So it should be obvious to everybody there, they’re doing nothing. The only actions they’ve taken so far to secure our border are against Border Patrol agents who are trying to block people from coming across, you know, doing their jobs. So that’s the only thing they’ve done so far.”

“But they’re also taking more action,” he continued. “They want to pay the people $450,000. Now, to put this into context, it’s worth noting that if your family member who’s serving in our military gets killed in action, gets killed in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or in one of our wars, you would get $400,000 worth of insurance payments back to your family. So Biden administration thinks that the crimes against the families that were separated under Trump are so extreme, and even if you believe they deserve some kind of compensation, but they believe they’re so extreme that they deserve $450,000. And again, let’s add some more context here. Businesses in America, under their new vaccine mandate, could be fined up to $130,000.”

“Meanwhile, under the Build Back Better agenda, let’s not forget, they want to give rich New Yorkers a tax deduction through SALTs of up to $30,000,” Crenshaw added. “So this is the kind of priorities that this administration has. They won’t secure your border, but they will pay off illegal immigrants. They’ll give tax breaks to the rich donors and high tax states like New York and New Jersey and California. And they’re going to screw you over if you don’t force all your employees to get vaccines, and they’re going to find you as a result. So it’s — this is what America is so angry about. It’s why Virginia went the way it did.”

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