CROWDER questions how podcaster went from triggering feminists to calling for Big Tech censorship

CROWDER questions how podcaster went from triggering
feminists to calling for Big Tech censorship 1

Steven Crowder raised an important point on his show on Tuesday about the Big Tech overlords at YouTube have on unprincipled content creators.

In this clip, Crowder shared his thoughts on H3 Podcast host, Ethan Klein, who at one time, made millions on YouTube with anti-Social Justice Warrior content and videos about triggering feminists. But Crowder observed a change in Klein’s content after a single meeting with YouTube’s Vice President Susan Wojcicki.

Crowder recalled how Klein’s content went from triggering feminists to saying that “all lives matter is a phrase that should not be used” and “content creators [like Crowder] should be demonetized for questioning CDC guidelines. Crowder also noted a time he saw Klein bragging one of his shows that he [Klein] “had the YouTube V.P. on speed dial.”

After Crowder and Klein exchanged heated words on Twitter about CDC guidelines and other medical “authorities,” Crowder invited Klein on his show for a civil debate to better understand each other. Just before the debate, while running his soundcheck, Crowder predicted that Klein would “do anything he could to not have to debate him.” He added that Klein would probably bring someone else on.”

Klein wasted no time validating Crowder’s prediction when he tagged in podcaster Sam Seder to take his place. The conversation steadily deteriorated and Crowder spared his viewers by cutting the video feed. Klein posted his version of the “debate” – which lacked the part with Crowder accurately predicting what Klein would do. Watch the video below to see how Klein effectively owned himself.

Catch the full episode here.

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