CRT Opponent Christopher Rufo Calls for Another Neocon Revolution, Demands Unity with Leftists, Admits He Did Not Vote Trump

CRT Opponent Christopher Rufo Calls for Another Neocon
Revolution, Demands Unity with Leftists, Admits He Did Not Vote
Trump 1

Critical race theory (CRT) opponent Christopher Rufo said in a podcast interview with pro-LGBT liberal Dave Rubin that he wants the conservative movement to model themselves after the neoconservative revolution of the 1970s.

“The brasstacks of it is that the kind of dissident liberals, mainstream liberals, they have have to create an alliance with the conservatives to stop this,” Rufo told Rubin.

“And I’m encouraging all my friends on the Center-Left to move over and forge an alliance at least on these critical issues with us within the conservative movement, and I think there’s precedent,” he continued.

“If you look at the 1970s, who became the kind of neoconservatives? These were a lot of New York intellectuals, who were liberals, and in some cases even on the Far-Left, and then they were mugged by reality, and then they moved over to the Right and became kind of prominent members of this big tent kind of conservative infrastructure. The same thing needs to happen today,” Rufo added.

He also talked about how he did not vote for Trump in 2016 and only started to warm to Trump after the former president became aware of CRT and started championing Rufo’s work.

“I didn’t vote for the president in 2016. I shared a lot of the reservations that people on the Center-Left shared… If you have reservations about his character, I get it. If you have reservations about some his policies, I get it,” he said.

His statement can be seen here:

Rufo wants the conservative movement to repeat the same patterns that led America to achieve trillions of dollars in debt, endless foreign wars, porous borders, and literally nothing being conserved except the profits for multinational corporations that sold America out the first chance they got.

Meanwhile, Rufo is gatekeeping against anyone who he and the elites bankrolling him feel are too far to the Right and making sure that the anti-white racism of CRT is underscored for his weak, egalitarian talking points approved by Conservative Inc..

Big League Politics reported on how Rufo has joined a coordinated effort to destroy Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) for his association with paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes:

Reporter Christopher Rufo, who has gained fame for helping to expose critical race theory with his work, has joined in an attack chorus on social media driven by enemies of America First Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ).

Rufo has joined the efforts of far-left radicals and Never Trumpers who are working to tar Gosar by associating him with controversial paleoconservative videoblogger Nick Fuentes, who may be conducting a fundraiser with the Arizona senator in the near future…

Rufo amplified an attack by Tablet journalist Yair Rosenberg against Gosar which featured some shock comedy from one of Fuentes’ most infamous broadcasts…

Rosenberg made it clear in his posts that he is on a campaign to destroy Gosar’s reputation over his unwillingness to bow to the popular narratives of the fake news media…

Whether wittingly or unwittingly, Rufo paying these narratives attention feeds right into the aims of radical Leftists and bitter Never Trumpers to tear down the Congressman with the most pro-America voting record in Congress.

While Rufo has received some great scoops exposing CRT, he is probably receiving those scoops for a reason. He is controlled opposition making sure that Conservative Inc. keeps the anti-CRT movement from developing consciousness and actually taking back their nation from the human scum who have seized it.

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