Current Election Reverses Traditional American Values: Professor

Current Election Reverses Traditional American Values:
Professor 1

Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, a professor, and conservative pundit. He spoke about how pollsters, the internet, and new election rules have “reversed the concept of what it was to be an American.”

He said the traditional idea of America acknowledges that its people are individuals who personally take the initiative to learn about the issues and go out to vote. This election, he says, with mail-in voting, the American voter was sought out, pampered, and massaged to vote according to the wishes of the elite.

In this election, millions voted before the final presidential debate or the Hunter Biden scandal, when typically, these people would have been able to see all of that crucial information before they cast their ballots.

Hanson also said that the media was dominated by inaccurate polls, which can paralyze voters from coming out to the polls, because they think the results are already determined. He said despite Democrats under performing in the House and Senate, no polls were able to predict that and none predicted Trump would lead.

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