Cyber Ninjas’ Doug Logan on Maricopa’s Missing 74,000 Ballots: ‘74,000 EV33 Forms That Did Not Have Matching EV32s’

Cyber Ninjas’ Doug Logan on Maricopa’s Missing 74,000
Ballots: ‘74,000 EV33 Forms That Did Not Have Matching
EV32s’ 1

Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, has confirmed that 74,000 EV33 forms, for ballots received by Maricopa County, did not have matching EV32s, implying that they had not been sent.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who has been one of the most pro-audit members of the Arizona Legislature, posted a statement on Twitter from Logan on Friday, confirming that out of the EV33 forms in the Maricopa County audit, 74,000 of them did not have matching EV32s. “EV33s are for received ballots, while EV32s are for sent ballots,” Logan explained. This means that there was no record of those ballots ever being sent out to these voters.

“This was brought up in the context of justifying why we should do canvassing, because the situation didn’t make any sense,” Logan continued. “Canvassing would give an explanation as to what was happening here, and if anything was wrong or if there is a good explanation for it. If Maricopa county officials were answering questions, as in a normal audit, they would’ve had an opportunity to explain. However, even if they’d give us an explanation, as auditors we would then need to validate if their response logically explained the situation.”

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However, the prospect of canvassing Maricopa voters had previously been attacked by the Department of Justice, who, in a letter sent to Senate President Karen Fann, claimed that contacting voters via phone calls or physical canvassing would amount to “intimidation” of minority voters that would be prohibited under the Voting Rights Act.

Logan said that he, Cyber Ninjas, and the entire audit term, were working to “validate” the claims by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that they had put on Twitter. He then slammed the Board, claiming that they weren’t acting professionally, and that if they were, “these conversations could just happen in meetings; but their sole goal” has been to attack the audit. “They clearly don’t know anything about how professional audits go,” Logan concluded, “if they think this sort of issue is something an auditor would know walking in the door without asking questions.”

Despite the clear evidence existing of the discrepancy between EV33 forms and their matching EV32s, many mainstream news outlets are continuing to downplay the potential ramifications. State Senator Rogers was even blocked by Fox News host Brett Baier after she and others called him out for his allegedly biased coverage of the Maricopa audit.

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