Daily Digest 6/21 — Sen. Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory on the Impact of Censorship in Fight Against COVID-19; Why Oil Prices May Shoot At Least 15% Higher…

Daily Digest 6/21 — Sen. Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory on the
Impact of Censorship in Fight Against COVID-19; Why Oil Prices May
Shoot At Least 15% Higher… 1


Health Canada warns of shortage in euthanasia products for animals

Health Canada is warning that there will be a global shortage in euthanasia drugs for animals due to an explosion at a manufacturing plant overseas, but according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), pet owners in Canada shouldn’t worry.

Meet The One Chipmaker The Entire World Is Now Depending On

There is no doubt about it: Taiwan Semiconductor has emerged as the world’s most important chipmaker. And now, in the midst of a global semiconductor shortage, it is becoming clear exactly how important the company’s dominance has been.

Why oil prices may shoot at least 15% higher: Goldman Sachs

Supply constraints and a global economy rapidly rebounding from the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic lays the foundation for much higher oil prices, Goldman Sachs global head of commodities research Jeffrey Currie argues.

Environment & Society

This Bot Clicking Ads on Climate Articles Shows the News Is Broken

Algorthims have further distorted how news—or, increasingly, misinformation—reaches people. YouTube’s algorithm for recommending videos, for instance, has encouraged viewers to watch videos full of climate denial. YouTube also sold against those videos, profiting off misinformation while incentivizing viewers to consume ever-more of it.

A group of senior American politicians have warned that UFOs pose “national security concerns” after getting a confidential briefing on a highly anticipated report on unidentified aerial phenomena that is set to be released later this month.

The controversy over Bill Gates becoming the largest private farmland owner in the US

Recent reports detailing the extent of Gates’s land ownership have prompted criticism from some environmental advocates and farmers, who say there seems to be a contradiction between his public environmental advocacy and his personal investment strategy.

America Should Become a Nation of Renters (Opinion)

Rising real-estate prices are stoking fears that homeownership, long considered a core component of the American dream, is slipping out of reach for low- and moderate-income Americans. That may be so — but a nation of renters is not something to fear. In fact, it’s the opposite.


Why Has “Ivermectin” Become a Dirty Word?

On December 8, 2020, when most of America was consumed with what The Guardian called Donald Trump’s “desperate, mendacious, frenzied and sometimes farcical” attempt to remain president, the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held a hearing on the “Medical Response to Covid-19.” One of the witnesses, a pulmonologist named Dr. Pierre Kory, insisted he had great news.

Sen. Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory on the impact of censorship in fight against COVID-19

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., and Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, weigh in on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, according to Survey

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID. This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.

Million-dollar lotteries fail to cut through vaccine apathy

State efforts to juice Covid-19 vaccination rates through million-dollar lotteries haven’t reversed the steep decline in adults seeking out shots when many pockets of the country remain vulnerable to the coronavirus.

A winter respiratory virus is spreading fast across the South, mainly infecting infants and toddlers

Cases of a respiratory virus are rising across the Southern US, and it’s not COVID-19. RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) typically circulates in the fall and winter months, mainly affecting children. But rates plummeted in 2020 — likely because of COVID-19 mitigation strategies, such as social distancing, according to an advisory warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on June 10.

University of Minnesota will not mandate vaccinations for students, staff and faculty in the fall

The University of Minnesota will not require COVID-19 vaccination for students, faculty and staff before returning in the fall — despite criticism from faculty members that a mandate would better shield its five campuses from the infectious disease.

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