Election Fraud

Dallas Trump Supporters Protest Election Results

Dallas Trump Supporters Protest Election Results 1

Many people gathered in Dallas, Texas for a “We are the Storm” protest to express their disappointment in this year’s presidential election process.

The attendees, mainly made up of Republicans and Trump supporters, spoke about the principals that are important to them in Dallas, Texas.

Some showed hopes for President Trump to be reelected, and others were concerned with the integrity of America’s voting process.

Eugene Ralph, President of Game Changers, said: “We have far too many people that have not realized how serious this is. This is it. This is the fight.”

Texas State Senator Bob Hall (R), said: “We have to wait this out. It’s not over till it’s over. There’s a lot happening. There’s a lot happening that the public doesn’t know about. Primarily, because the mainstream media doesn’t want them to know about it. But there are little victories taking place, and it’s only going to take the right series of them to put this into the proper perspective.”

Republican candidate Irene Armendariz-Jackson said, “This is not about black and white or brown. This is about the United States of America and everything it has to offer. Unity and liberty and progress and the pursuit of happiness.”

Some also spoke from a religious worldview.

Bishop Frank Tull, a senior pastor of The Word Church, said, “I’m a pastor, and so I believe as Christians, we should all desire the truth. The Bible tells us that. So whether you’re Democrat or Republican, you should be saying, ‘I want the truth, I want to know. If this guy cheated, I don’t want him to be the President.’ And so that’s why I’m here today.”

Free speech advocate Philip Anderson also attended the protest. Back in October, he was attacked by a person in black bloc when protesting big tech censorship.

“They sent in and bussed in hundreds of BLM and Antifa to attack me. They knocked out my teeth, they committed a vicious hate crime against, and just hours after they did this, they banned me off Facebook, banned me off Instagram, banned me of Twitter all in the same night,” said Anderson.

Anderson says he’s going to sue big tech for silencing him, adding that he thinks he’ll win easily.

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Election Fraud
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