David Harris Jr.: ‘Fact Check the Election’

David Harris Jr.: ‘Fact Check the Election’ 1

WASHINGTON—Author and speaker David Harris Jr. talks extensively about politics on his podcast, often bringing up things the mainstream media won’t. He joined rallies in Washington on Dec. 12, where thousands called on the government for fair and transparent elections.

“It’s [mainstream media] played an enormous role, and not just in these last couple of months, but overall the last four years especially. They’ve been nonstop hating on this president, lying about this president, turning the American people against this president, not talking about the accomplishments this president’s had,” he said.

“The black community as a whole should love this president and what he’s done, he’s done so much for the community. Yet they don’t know. So they just listen to the soundbites that they [the mass media] create, taking clips and making him look like a racist, and it’s just, it’s insane and it’s so disgusting. The mainstream media’s played a huge role in this, and that’s also why we’re here, so the mainstream media know that we’re tired of it,” he said.

“We’re trying to bring the truth to the masses because they’re not getting it from the mainstream media,” he said.

“I think the hearts and minds of the American people have grown more tired of the pushback and the propaganda and the lies that the mainstream media tries to make a big deal out of,” he said. “They’re calling Trump supporters the ones that are causing havoc; but we see all over mainstream media the attacks that Antifa does, so some people are afraid to come out, but I think that if we don’t get up right now and show our support for the president, and say and declare that we want an honest and fair election, and prove it—the Big Tech fact-checkers have no problem fact-checking every single stinking thing that somebody puts out, so what’s wrong with fact-checking the election?”

“We should fact-check the election, and the American people need to have confidence in the election and make sure that the will of the people was actually heard,” he said.

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