Dem Billionaire’s Son Hops Vaccine Line in Wisconsin

Dem Billionaire’s Son Hops Vaccine Line in Wisconsin 1

The 33-year-old son of a billionaire Democratic donor with alleged Russian mob ties got the coronavirus vaccine in Wisconsin despite the state only allowing residents over the age of 65 to get the shot.

Alex Lasry, a New York City hedge fund manager and Milwaukee Bucks executive, was able to skip the line for vaccinations in Wisconsin. He said there was no favoritism involved in his access to the vaccine, which occurred as the state struggles to roll out its vaccinations. Only 5 percent of the population has received one of the two shots involved in the vaccine regimen.

“This week I was vaccinated!” Lasry tweeted. “My wife got a call from her uncle that works in a facility that had extra doses that were going to go to waste if not used right away. With Lauren early in her pregnancy, we wanted to ensure our home, and entire community is safe for everyone.”

He added that his vaccination was “pure happenstance,” but Gov. Tony Evers (D.) said he does not know how Lasry skipped the line. Evers did say he would rather have non-eligible people get vaccinated than have the vaccines go to waste.

Lasry is reportedly considering a run for a Wisconsin senate seat in 2022 and was the host committee chair for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. His father, Marc Lasry, is a major Democratic donor.

In April 2013, the senior Lasry withdrew from consideration to be ambassador to France after a reported close friend of his was arrested in an alleged Russian mob-run gambling racket.

Alex Lasry expressed relief after the 2014 NBA Draft that his father would not kill him in his sleep. “Luckily we got off the board at number two, and I could calm down, breathe deeply and know my dad wasn’t going to kill me in my sleep that night,” he told a blogger.

State Republicans recently unveiled legislation that would allow all Wisconsin residents to be eligible for the vaccine by mid-March.

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