Democrat Operatives Caught Dressing Up As White Supremacists in Desperate Last-Ditch Virginia Election Stunt.

Democrat Operatives Caught Dressing Up As White Supremacists
in Desperate Last-Ditch Virginia Election Stunt. 1

In what quickly became a political stunt gone wrong, Democratic strategists have been accused on social media of posing as white supremacists while standing next to Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus.

Social media sleuths were quick to notice that the only people interacting with images promoted by an NBC reporter were Democratic Party political operatives. The photos were retweeted by far-left activist Adam Parkhomenko, as the public began to notice that one of the men posing as a fake Republican white supremacist bore a striking resemblance to Virginia Youth Democrats’ Finance Director, Camden Layton. 

Another woman in the same series of photographs was fingered as potentially being Colleen Wachenfeld, who boasts about having flipped Arizona “blue” on her Twitter profile. Wachenfeld quickly changed her LinkedIn handle to “C W” shortly after the photos started to be questioned by users on Twitter. 

In response to tweets alleging that Parkhomenko was part of the “false-flag” attempt to associate moderate Republican gubernatorial candidate Youngkin, Parkhomenko said of user Alec Sears, “As I have said on the record: he made up a lie about me and is spreading that lie around the world. He claims to have receipts that don’t exist because his tweet is based on a lie. Delete your f***ing tweet you a**hole.”

Sears – himself a political consultant – has not deleted the tweet. It is unclear from an extensive search who Parkhomenko spoke to “on the record” as the tweets were only posted by Sears shortly before he responded with this threatening tweet. 

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The Democratic Party of Virginia was quick to deny official involvement with “events outside of the Youngkin campaign bus,” attempting to pivot to a discussion about Charlottesville, where a handful of left-leaning Neo Nazis once paraded pretending to be conservatives.

Twitter users continued to flood the thread with information linking the faux-white supremacists to McAuliffe.

On Thursday, a Fox News Poll found Youngkin pulling ahead of McAuliffe among Virginia’s likely voters. McAuliffe received forty-five percent (45 percent) to Youngkin’s fifty-three percent (53 percent).

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