Democrat Turned Trump Supporter: ‘This Was a Cheating Election and We All Know It’

Democrat Turned Trump Supporter: ‘This Was a Cheating
Election and We All Know It’ 1

Business owner John Castine voted Democrat for decades, but when Donald Trump came along, Castine had a change of heart.

“Donald Trump came along and showed that we should disregard party, and he was more for the people than he was for the Republican Party. He’s been fighting people on both sides of the aisle,” Castine said. He joined a Trump Caravan Rally on Dec. 18 as part of the Stop the Steal movement, showing support for the president’s efforts for a transparent election. Similar grassroots protests have been taking place since the general elections, in all 50 states across the nation. 

“The populist movement he started is only going to keep growing,” Castine said. “He is the legitimate president, we need to get to the bottom of this election and find out why it was stolen. And he deserves to continue to be the president.”

“This important time in history is just too great to let it go now.  We could say all you want about creating integrity for future elections. This is the one that we need to turn around and stop now,” he said.

“I’m 70 years old, a former Democrat, started voting Republican when Obama came along. And believe me, Donald Trump is the only person who could help this entire world. We’re seeing peace in the Middle East now. He hasn’t been to war in four years, he’s stopped wars. He’s bringing our troops home. He’s lowered our taxes. He is not going to let our liberty and freedom that we’ve had for 244 years go down the drain,” Castine said.”Not his watch and not on our watch: 75 million people voted for this man. And if Biden got more than 60 million, I’ll eat my hat right in front of you. This was a cheating election and we all know it.”

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