Democratic PAC Warns That Voters Can’t List Any Biden Accomplishments

Democratic PAC Warns That Voters Can’t List Any Biden
Accomplishments 1

Unite the Country, a super-PAC that advocates on behalf of President Joe Biden, warned in late June that voters do not know what the Democrats have accomplished since winning the House, Senate, and presidency, Politico reported.

The group’s memo has worried Democrats, who were already panicked over the prospect of losing Congress in the 2022 midterm elections after backing an ambitious, overreaching agenda that garnered little support outside their radical base.

Unite the Country recommended that Democrat operatives and elected officials promote Biden’s spending binge, including a $2 trillion economic bailout (often called the coronavirus relief bill), and the yet-to-be-passed $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

“Unfortunately, the [American Rescue Plan] and these other proposals remain worryingly undefined in the public consciousness and voters are primed with misinformation that helps Republican justify their opposition,” Unite the Country wrote in the memo.

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The group said Democrats need to “define success for the ARP” and advocate for the American Jobs Act and American Families Plan—two of Biden’s plans that will swamp the nation in trillions of new debt to pay for taxpayer-funded healthcare, childcare, preschool, paid work leave and college.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said more publicity will not help Biden’s popularity.

“Democrats’ majority is doomed because the only thing voters know about their socialist stimulus is that it caused massive inflation and a labor shortage,” he said.

Unite the Country came to these conclusions after conducting focus groups in swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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The incumbent president’s party typically loses seats in the House and Senate in the midterm elections.

“Even among voters who have a favorable view of Joe Biden, there is a real lack of information about the specifics of the Biden Agenda,” the memo said.

“Their information about Biden often falls in line with internet disinformation, and Fox-News driven spin—specifically, both groups pointed to the small percentage of foreign assistance in the American Rescue Plan as reasons to oppose it.”

That “assistance” may have included money to China, which is widely credited with bearing responsibility for unleashing the global pandemic after what many presume was a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

A considerable portion of the stimulus also went toward bailing out insolvent blue states, such as California and New York, that had run their own resources dry after prioritizing social programs, such as paying stimulus funds to illegal immigrants from their own state budgets.

The bill controversially stipulated, however, that fiscally responsible states could not apply any portion of the funding they received to cutting or refunding their own taxes.

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