Democrats Allocated Votes Before the Civil War Based on the Three-Fifths Compromise Now They Allocate Them With Voting Machines

Democrats Allocated Votes Before the Civil War Based on the
Three-Fifths Compromise Now They Allocate Them With Voting
Machines 1

The Democrats before the Civil War allocated their votes and accounted for their slaves based on the ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’.  Today Democrats allocate votes using voting machines.

The drafters of the Constitution hit a wall when  drafting the Constitution.  Looking back, it may have all been about power then as it is now.  The Southern states who became the forebearers of the Democrat Party had slaves and although their slaves had no rights, they wanted them accounted for in their votes.  Naturally many in the North who eventually morphed into the Republican Party thought slavery was a crime against humanity.

They eventually came up with a compromise which only delayed the inevitable, the ‘Three Fifths Compromise‘:

For the most part, those who opposed slavery only wanted to consider the free people of a population, while that in favor wanted to include slaves in the population count. This would provide for slaveholders to have many more seats in the House of Representatives and more representation in the Electoral College. Many ratios were considered, such as three-fourths, one-half, and one-quarter. After much debate, it would be James Madison that would suggest the Three-Fifths Compromise. However, the Three-Fifths Compromise would not be adopted until the Constitutional Convention because the Compromise was not approved by all of the states and the Articles of Federation required a unanimous vote.

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The implementation of the Three-Fifths Compromise would greatly increase the representation and political power of slave-owning states. The Southern states, if represented equally, would have accounted for 33 of the seats in the House of Representatives. However, because of the Three-Fifths Compromise, the Southern states accounted for 47 seats in the House of Representatives of the first United States Congress of 1790. This would allow the South to garner enough power at the political level, giving them control in Presidential elections.

However, as time moved forward, the Three-Fifths Compromise would not provide the advantage for which the Southern states and slave-owners had hoped. The Northern states grew more rapidly in terms of population than the South.

The Civil War eventually settled the matter and the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, set the slaves were free.

Today we’re facing a similar situation and it is still all about power.  It’s been uncovered before but this election brought it to the forefront.  The Democrats are again more concerned about votes than people.  They’ve implemented a complex system of voting machines around the country that are being used to fix elections.

In 2016, voting machine expert Bennie Smith was interviewed about his findings regarding voter machines used in the US.  He found that voting machines have the functionality built into them that allows elections to be rigged and he showed how its done.  When asked what it meant to him personally he said:

As an American voter who was once viewed as three-fifths of a person, I was diluted in my history.  To go inside of this and see that our democracy is replicating this on all of its citizens, you know that’s bad, that’s really bad.

It’s always been about power at any cost.  People don’t count – votes do!

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