Democrats Hit New Low With Heinous Anti-Youngkin Ad in Virginia

Democrats Hit New Low With Heinous Anti-Youngkin Ad in
Virginia 1

It is apparently desperation time for Democrats in Virginia. Polls in the gubernatorial race are rapidly moving away from Terry McAuliffe and toward Republican Glenn Youngkin, who’s run a laser-focused race. As McAuliffe fades, his left-wing allies fired back Friday night.

ActBlue, the organization that helps Democrat candidates and progressive groups raise money from individual Americans, released an appalling 30-second ad, with the theme of “This is Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia,” claiming “If Glenn Youngkin is elected no one is safe!”

Yes, no one!

The abhorrent attacks on the businessman were not received well by political consultants.

The clips show would-be Nazis, assorted violence, and people verbally harassing parents and kids without any context.

In real life, the dangers most Americans likely see today are violence in Democrat-run cities, an open border, global disorder, record food and supply prices, anti-American bigotry taught in public schools, and girls being sexually assaulted at school by Democrats’ intersectional allies.

The horrific ActBlue ad comes the same day as another controversial stunt pulled by pro-McAuliffe forces. It seems that parents are noticing.

Meanwhile, Youngkin is releasing straightforward advertisements, not even mentioning his opponent, a lifelong politician seeking a return to the governor’s mansion.

Team Terry is already setting up contingency plans to protest any loss. Remember, before Trump 2020, there was Gore/McAuliffe 2000.

In about 80 hours, we should know a lot more about the Commonwealth’s future.

“A Youngkin victory would be significant,” Rich Lowry summarized in the New York Post this week. “It wouldn’t just send tremors of fear through Democrats nationally, presumably making the party’s agenda that much more difficult to get through Congress; it would point to a viable path ahead for the GOP in swing areas, one that keeps on board the Trump base while regaining lost ground with independents and suburbanites.”

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