Did Youngkin Win Virginia or Did Biden, Harris, McAuliffe, and the Woke Mob Lose It?

Did Youngkin Win Virginia or Did Biden, Harris, McAuliffe,
and the Woke Mob Lose It? 1

Let me just say this before my medulla explodes: the media does NOT decide who wins an election. AP, Fox, or CNN can “call it” all they like but that means nothing. That said, the New Jersey gubernatorial election is still in the air.

Ok, I’m better, thanks.

My favorite part of any election, especially so in the aftermath of a spanking like we saw Tuesday, is watching pundits debate why the winning candidate made it across the finish line. I prefer to ask another question that I believe is just as important: “Why did the loser lose?”

As I see it, Youngkin didn’t “win” the election as much as McAuliffe, Biden, Democrats, and far-left, “woke” wackjobs lost it.

Biden and the Democrats

Biden is a horrible president. That isn’t really up for debate. For Democrat candidates like McAuliffe, the Biden stench is bad for business. Rather than have Biden and the detestable Kamala Harris speak on his behalf, McAuliffe should have distanced himself from them both.


Youngkin stacked mistakes like Legos.

I believe McAuliffe sealed the last brick in his own tomb when he declared in a debate that parents shouldn’t tell the schools what to teach their kids. He was referring to sexually explicit books available in school libraries, but I believe parents also read CRT into that statement as well, as they should have.

McAuliffe went on to defensively say that his comment warranted applause from members of the audience. He should be smart enough to know that those who were clapping are his followers. It’s similar to a comedian bombing like Enola Gay and saying “I heard one lady laugh” when it was actually his mother.

Declaring that parents should keep their noses out of their kid’s education is remarkably stupid. It’s an unforced error. Youngkin was smart enough to shut up and let the statement resonate. Sometimes, silence IS golden.

McAuliffe was also dealing with the aftermath of a vile rape of a 15-year-old girl in a school restroom, committed by a transgender boy in a skirt, and how a “woke” school board covered it up. Members of the school board lied and pretended they had no knowledge of the attack. The father of the victim showed up at a school board meeting and was promptly bloodied by cops and arrested, leaving McAuliffe with the following different but related dilemmas;

  • a girl was raped in a women’s restroom at school
  • the attacker is a 14-year-old transgender boy. “Woke” school policy allowed the boy to use women’s restrooms at will
  • the school board not only didn’t expel the attacker, but they also sent him to another school where he attacked another girl. This looked like the school board was defending the trans attacker AND defending “wokeness”
  • an angry father, defending his assaulted daughter, was beaten and arrested by cops.

McAuliffe SHOULD have come out 100% against the school board. He should have fired anyone and everyone involved and praised the father as a hero, but doing so would have angered the far left, pro-trans, woke crowd. McAuliffe chose “woke” over a 15-year-old rape victim.

The lefty media also went after the angry father, making him look like an anti-trans “bigot.” The rest of us saw him as a hero.

Where Youngkin won

For anyone reading this who might run for office, I have some advice that seems pretty simple: SUPPORT RAPE VICTIMS.

That’s where Youngkin pounced. He promised huge audiences in blue parts of Virginia that if he and his Attorney General won, they would go after those who covered up the sexual assault.

Any decent parent will vote to protect their kids from a racist curriculum, pornography in the school library, and rapists, transgender or otherwise. Any parent who doesn’t do this should be relieved of their voting rights and reproductive organs, as they have proven they don’t deserve either.

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What has the left learned?

Nothing. As I wrote yesterday, the lefty media is attacking the white mothers of Virginia who voted against CRT, pornography, and shielding a transgender rapist. Continued attacks by jackpuddings like Joy Reid only insure a new large, powerful, angry, crop of parents who will be increasingly less likely to pull a blue lever again.

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