DNC Lawyer Marc Elias Enlists Activists to Aid Cover-Up Effort in Arizona Audit

DNC Lawyer Marc Elias Enlists Activists to Aid Cover-Up
Effort in Arizona Audit 1

To prevent the Arizona legislature’s independent audit of the highly dubious voting results in Maricopa County, Democrat lawyer Marc Elias is leading a massive intimidation campaign using every resource at his disposal.

Elias, dubbed by former president Donald Trump as Democrats’ “best Election stealing lawyer” posted an appeal to a far-left website in an effort to mobilize a vast activist network with links to such powerful globalist influences as China, hedge-fund billionaire George Soros and former president Barack Obama.

“Republicans in the Arizona state senate are determined to carry on with yet another unnecessary audit of the Maricopa County 2020 election results,” said the post to Democracy Docket, first reported by the Gateway Pundit.

“They’ve hired private firms to conduct the audit, including one led by a conspiracy theorist who has promoted Trump’s Big Lie and other election fraud fantasies,” the post claimed.

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Elias and his team of attorneys attempted last week to pressure four auditing firms into withdrawing—and even get them to flip on the Arizona lawmakers—asserting that any efforts to verify the 2020 election results could be construed as violations of the Civil Rights Act and other federal statutes.

A a cease-and-desist letter to the audit firms menacingly implied that they might be subjecting themselves to harassment from the Biden Justice Department if they chose to proceed.

“Importantly, your companies cannot escape liability for voter intimidation by cloaking your activities under the guise of a so-called ‘audit,’” it said. “As the Department of Justice has previously explained, one can violate federal voting rights law even when it is purportedly part of an effort to investigate election crimes and fraud.”

Notwithstanding the latest gaslighting effort by Elias and his cabal of election thieves to project their own offenses onto the Arizona legislature, Biden’s campaign had strategized the use of similar accusations and legal challenges if the outcome had favored Trump.

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One of the activist groups now involved in challenging the Arizona audit, the Protect Democracy Project, is linked directly to the Transition Integrity Project, which conducted “war games” last July to workshop scenarios such as having California, Washington and Oregon secede from the union if Biden lost.

Despite having earlier caved to leftist pressure in agreeing to certify the election results presented by Arizona’s radical Democrat secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, Republican Gov. Doug Ducey is now supporting the GOP-led audit effort.

After being censured by his own party, Ducey signed a law to prevent blue counties from accepting outside funding from leftist oligarchs and companies like Facebook to assist in future election administration designed to aid blue-dominated urban areas.

After courts sided with Republicans, determining that the state senate had the authority to conduct the audit, Hobbs responded by indignantly accusing skeptics of being “conspiracy theorists.”

Elias, likewise, has attempted repeatedly to discount the valid concerns of election fraud by linking it to the “birtherism” questions over whether Obama was born outside the US, potentially making him ineligible to serve as president.

Among the evidence supporting the so-called birther allegations was a 1991 promotional booklet by Obama’s literary agent, shortly after the future president’s graduation from Harvard Law School, that said he was “Born in Kenya.”

Obama refused to release a copy of his long-form birth certificate from Hawaii until halfway into his first term as another future president, Donald Trump, led the demands for more proof.

Like the delay in furnishing hard evidence in the birther case, the Left’s current determination to thwart any meaningful examination of ballots and voting machines only fuels further speculation about the reasons for their reluctance.

“Clearly from the start, Elias and the Democrats and their friends are trying desperately to hide something,” wrote the Gateway Pundit.

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