Dominion Voting Systems Sends Threatening Letter to Attorney Sidney Powell – Demands Retraction of “Defamatory” Accusations

Dominion Voting Systems Sends Threatening Letter to Attorney
Sidney Powell – Demands Retraction of “Defamatory”
Accusations 1

Dominion Voting Systems sent a threatening letter to Attorney Sidney Powell demanding a retraction of her “defamatory” accusations.

Dominion is very upset with the allegations that the Dominion machines were flipping ballots from Trump to Biden something that was proven in court earlier this week!

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And there are at least five videos of voting machine companies flipping votes from Trump to Biden on live TV on election night.
This has never been explained.

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The Hill reported:

Attorneys for Dominion Voting Systems sent a letter to Sidney Powell, a onetime member of President Trump’s legal team, demanding she retract her claims that the voting machine company helped rig the 2020 election.

The letter, from the Alexandria, Va.-based law firm Clare Locke, warns Powell that she will expose both herself and the Trump campaign to “substantial legal risk for defamation” if she refuses to publicly recant the many unsubstantiated claims she has made about the company.

“As a result of your false accusations, Dominion has suffered enormous harm, and its employees have been stalked, have been harassed, and have received death threats,” the letter states. “We demand that you immediately and publicly retract your false accusations and set the record straight. If you refuse to do so and instead choose to stand by your defamatory falsehoods, that will be viewed as additional evidence of actual malice.”

Powell has been among the most vocal and active proponents of allegations — none of which have held up in court — that the election was stolen from Trump through widespread fraud and corruption.

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