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Dominion’s Eric Coomer Has a Tattoo on His Arm by Artist Listed Number One by the Church of Satan

Dominion’s Eric Coomer Has a Tattoo on His Arm by Artist
Listed Number One by the Church of Satan 1

Wow.  Dominion’s Eric Coomer has a tattoo of artwork praised by the Church of Satan.

Eric Coomer claims to have been a skinhead in the past and became addicted to heroin, cocaine, and opioids.

Coomer also verified in a recent New York Times fluff piece that he had a tattoo of the artwork “Screaming Popes” by Francis Bacon. 

From The New York Times:

TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE: Coomer Deposition Released! Verifies Antifa Facebook Posts, Extreme Left Bias

Coomer, who traveled around the world for competitive endurance bike races, would have blended in on the campus of Google, just one in a crowd of nonconformist tech types. In the more corporate business of elections, he stood out for the full-sleeve tattoos on his arms (one of Francis Bacon’s “Screaming Popes,” some Picasso bulls) and the half-inch holes in his ears where he once wore what are known as plugs.

This ‘artwork’ looks like something straight from hell.  The artist mocks and insults the Catholic Popes.

The satanic and certainly disgusting and sacrilegious and disturbing to look at.

Bacon was an extreme-left atheist whose macabre series of paintings depict Catholic Popes screaming in agony.  He is the first artist mentioned at the Church of Satan’s site listing modern era artists. 

From the website.

What type of person puts an image like this on his body?

Eric Coomer is a top executive who led Domininon’s efforts in the 2020 Election.  He has a tattoo of a piece of art from an artist highly regarded by the Church of Satan.  This story just took a strange twist.

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