Donny Deutsch: Any Dem Who Doesn't Realize Voters Don't Like Socialism 'Is a Moron'

Donny Deutsch: Any Dem Who Doesn't Realize Voters Don't Like
Socialism 'Is a Moron' 1

Friday, MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch reacted to Democratic congressional candidates being hurt by the socialist rhetoric from some within the far left of the party.

Deutsch said on “Morning Joe” that any Democrat who does not realize that socialism and the defunding the police movement are not resonating with voters “is a moron.”

“As far as socialism, people see socialism as the most un-American word you can use,” Deutsch stated. “It’s un-American.”

“Obviously, Joe Biden, who won, was explicit about that. You don’t win talking about defunding the police, you don’t win talking about socialism, you don’t win talking about fracking,” he added. “This is commonsense stuff. And if you look to 2018, the 40 seats we picked up were all on moderate messages. And some of the sexier candidates who went on to national prominence, who ran on a much more progressive platform, lost. So this country lives just right of center. Actually, interestingly enough, Joe, your politics is very much where most of the country is. I would describe you as just right of center. That’s where these elections are. And even with all the changing demographics, we are still, I believe, 20 to 30 years away from where messages that have more of what I’ll call socialistic overtone would have any resonance. And … we’re a century away from when defunding the police makes sense. It’s just idiotic, it’s moronic. And any Democrat that doesn’t understand that is a moron, actually.”

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