Donny Deutsch: Trump Georgia Rallygoers All About Racism, Fear

Donny Deutsch: Trump Georgia Rallygoers All About Racism,
Fear 1

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Monday on “Morning Joe” that the large crowd at President Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Georgia was all “about racism.”

Mika Brzezinski said, “Donny Deutsch, I wonder how Republicans — how history will look at them. It won’t be kind. They will be branded as the biggest failures in history in leadership that history has seen. Moody and depressed is how advisers are describing Donald Trump as he grapples with the reality he has 44 days left as president.”

Deutsch said, “Yeah. The Republican party is the cowardice party at this point. You know I was watching TV as I often do by myself, not much to do on Saturday night. I was watching the Trump rally, and what I was struck by was the crowd, and we have seen that crowd before. I said to myself, ‘What — why?’ What is the passion in these people? Are they there because they’re so against the Affordable Care Act? Are they there because they’re supportive of Trump’s Israel/UAE pact, or are they there because they loved that tax plan which helped none of them in the audience, or are they there because of 2040?”

He continued, “This is it in a nutshell, in 2040, whites will be the minority of the country, and that’s what this is all about. There is nothing else going on there, but we want to keep our country white. That is the passion. That is what has to be dealt with over the next 20 years, not Trump. Trump is a reflector about that. It’s about the Mexican, about the Muslim, the African-American. That is so terrifying to a swath of this country when you look at their faces there, that is why they are there,  that is what Biden has to wrestle with — not Donald Trump — but the fear of tens of millions of people in this country that it is no longer going to be white and ‘what does that mean for me?’”

He added, “So it is about race. It is about racism. It is about fear. It is no other issue. That’s that crowd there. That’s what you have to understand, the power that Donald Trump has and the power that he holds. That is what the Republicans are afraid to step away from.”

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