Double threat: Unvetted Afghans identified as national security risks, ISIS terror threat uncovered in Virginia

Double threat: Unvetted Afghans identified as national
security risks, ISIS terror threat uncovered in Virginia 1

The Biden administration’s open border policies are increasingly putting the national security of our company at risk.

Two recent developments show the United States is facing a question of not if, but when these inept policies lead to a terrorist attack on the homeland.

The first development is reported by PJ Media, which told us that there are some 70,000 Afghan evacuees already in the U.S., a number which is expected to swell to 124,000 soon.

The outlet reports, quoting the Wall Street Journal that according to an unnamed Biden administration source, ten of those 70,000 evacuees have been detained as national security risks.

So out of 70,000, ten is a pretty miniscule number, right? Perhaps, but given the incompetent bungling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is probable if not likely that there are many more than merely ten.

Incompetent DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in September said that 60,000 Afghans had been relocated to the United States at that time, which only included 8,000 American citizens, and 1,800 who held Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) issued as a reward for assisting the U.S. military during the American deployment in Afghanistan.

So that accounts for some 7,800 Afghans. What of the rest? Well according to Mayorkas:

“Of the over 60,000 individuals who have been brought into the United States [from Afghanistan]—and I will give you approximate figures and I will verify them, approximately 7 percent have been United States citizens.

Approximately 6 percent have been lawful permanent residents. Approximately 3 percent have been individuals who are in receipt of the Special Immigrant Visas.

The balance of that population are individuals whose applications have not yet been processed for approval who may qualify as SIVs and have not yet applied, who qualify or would qualify—I should say—P-1 or P-2 refugees who have been employed by the United States government in Afghanistan and are otherwise vulnerable Afghan nationals, such as journalists, human rights advocates, et cetera.”

In other words, an overwhelming majority of Afghans flown to the U.S.—somewhere on the order of 80 percent—were not American citizens nor SIV holders. To make matters worse, nobody knows exactly who they are, least of all Biden’s handlers.

According to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) he found 12,000 Afghans who were sent to Camp As Sayliyah in Qatar and subsequently to the U.S. were not just “individuals whose applications have not yet been processed for approval,” as Mayorkas identified it, but had no identification at all.

Issa said: “They came with nothing. No Afghan I.D., no I.D. of any sorts. Those people were all forwarded on to the U.S., and that’s quite an admission. So many people had no I.D. whatsoever and yet find themselves in the United States today based on what they said.”

Nonetheless, the Biden administration is unconcerned. According to a “Biden handler” spoken to by the Wall Street Journal,  they told the outlet that “the use of biometric and biographic data was a robust screening strategy, as the U.S. had decades to build up databases of information related to national security threats and crime. The official said it was sufficient to address the lack of paperwork or other identifying information.”

The official also downplayed the risk, saying, “In the case of Afghanistan, we had quite a lot [of data] because we’ve spent almost 20 years in the country. It was actually a particularly rich set of information in those various databases.”

In fact, National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne said: “The fact that some have been flagged by our counterterrorism, intelligence, or law enforcement professionals for additional screening shows our system is working.

Many of the same people criticizing us for bringing in Afghans were on TV calling for us to evacuate as many Afghans as possible in August.”

However the Journal noted that “federal officials interviewed at U.S. bases overseas stated to Republican aides that they didn’t have any training in identifying fraudulent Afghan documents, raising concerns about the validity of documents that were used.”

This led to a number of Afghans boarding a flight in Afghanistan with fraudulent documents. While they were caught, how many were not? The Biden insider downplayed that revelation claiming they “did not have Taliban affiliation” despite traveling with fake passports.

Despite all of that, there are actually more Afghan evacuees who have raised suspicions than the ten who were detained.

In fact, according to the Washington Post in a September 10 report, “the Department of Homeland Security flagged 44 Afghan evacuees as potential national security risks during the past two weeks as the government screened tens of thousands for resettlement in the United States.”

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All of this became more worrisome this past week when law enforcement agencies in northern Virginia increased police presence around congested public areas after an ISIS threat was made against malls and shopping centers in the Metro DC area for this coming weekend, the New York Post reported.

According to CBS News, law enforcement agencies were increasing visibility through Halloween up to and including Election Day in the state.


“We have increased our police presence throughout the county to include major thoroughfares, transit hubs, shopping plazas and shopping malls,” said Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis on Friday.

Federal intelligence officials reported that ISIS is encouraging so-called “lone wolves” to attack targets without support in the area.

“Right now we’re seeing a dramatic increase—or an increase—in online activity by media operations associated with different al Qaeda elements and Islamic State,” said John Cohen, intelligence chief at the Department of Homeland Security.

“Its just our responsibility to have a greater presence, to be more aware and to ask the community to have their eyes and ears peeled for suspicious activities,” Davis said of the threats.

CBS News reported:

“Police in Northern Virginia are on a heightened state of alert as a new law enforcement alert warned of a potential threat against malls and shopping centers located just outside of Washington, D.C. The threat originated with ISIS and is the basis for the alert, sources told CBS News.


“Police said the increased law  enforcement presence will be in place throughout the Halloween weekend and ahead of Virginia’s gubernatorial election. Law enforcement officials said they are acting out of an abundance of caution, and as they learn more about the threat, the increased law enforcement presence could be extended through Tuesday’s election.”

Fox News contributor Joey Jones posted on Twitter that a number of his friends in the DC/NOVA area just received an email regarding the ISIS threat.

The message he shared warned there was credible intelligence that an ISIS attack by an “activated cell” would take place in Northern Virginia this weekend, and is slated to take place within the next 72 hours and was classified as “an extremely likely event.” It specifically mentioned a “shopping mall/center in the Alexandria or Woodbridge area.”

The Arlington County PD Twitter page also posted the following:

Of course all of this is tied in to both the Afghanistan issue mentioned above, were tens of thousands of  unvetted Afghans into the country, a fact not lost upon Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), who posted on Twitter:

“Biden flew 45,000 Afghan nationals to Dulles [International Airport] without knowing if any of them were embedded ISIS terrorists and opened our southern border for anyone to cross and now DC is facing a terror threat from ISIS.”

This also doesn’t include the fact that the southern border of the country has been wide open for nearly ten months and it has been widely reported that it isn’t just Mexicans, or people from the so-called “Northern Triangle” who have been getting into the country.

A number of people from Middle Eastern countries which have large numbers of anti-American radicals, as well as African countries which also have large numbers of anti-American radicals have been identified as getting into the country through Biden’s porous border.

If God forbid a terrorist attack takes place this coming weekend, the blame will be solely on one Joseph Robinette Biden and his feckless administration. Also let’s address the elephant in the room—don’t discount this may also be one large distraction. Nothing is beyond our current military/intelligence complex.

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