Dr. Steven Hotze: It's time for conservatives to get involved in school board elections – Brighteon.TV

Dr. Steven Hotze: It's time for conservatives to get
involved in school board elections – Brighteon.TV 1

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For Texas physician Dr. Steven Hotze, it’s high time for conservatives to get involved in school board elections. He made this assertion during the Oct. 16 episode of his Brighteon.TV program “The Dr. Hotze Report.”

Hotze interviewed Natalie Blasingame, a school board candidate at the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CyFair ISD). The Brighteon.TV host said: “Historically, conservatives had been involved in local, state and national races. We’ve had little or no interest in the school board races. [Thus, we’ve] allowed those that have a leftist, Marxist, pro-communist, pro-homosexual and transgender point of view to dominate the school boards.”

He mentioned three major school board races at his location in Harris County, Texas. These include the Houston ISD, Klein ISD and the CyFair ISD. “These are very key races because we found out over the last several years, particularly when parents had their children at home and started watching the curriculum, there was an uproar about what the children were being taught,” he said.

A June 25 report by the Texan attested to the outrage of CyFair ISD parents against critical race theory (CRT). About 100 parents and community members joined the school district’s board meeting on the night of June 24. The parents claimed that the district’s curriculum contains elements of CRT.

However, board members insisted that CyFair ISD does not use any instructional materials with CRT labels on them. This has nevertheless failed to mollify parents, who argued that some materials contain ideas similar to what CRT espouses. (Related: Texas moves to ban highly controversial “Critical Race Theory” which teaches that all white people are racist bigots and supremacists.)

“The future is going to be dependent upon what our kids are taught. If they’re taught communist doctrine, atheism and sexual perversion in the school – folks, our country’s going to hell in a handbasket. That’s what the communists have been doing ever since the 1950s. It started in the colleges, and now it’s worked way down into the grade schools,” the CEO of Hotze Health & Wellness Center said.

Natalie Blasingame: “We woke up to the woke agenda”

Hotze then mentioned Blasingame, citing her long experience in the Spring Branch and Albany ISDs. “Blasingame has been involved with the school districts as a teacher, a principal and an administrator. She is now running for school board in the CyFair ISD.”

She then explains her reasons for running against the left-leaning incumbents in the school board. “As an insider, I’ve definitely seen how there was a gradual progression towards agendas that were unhealthy for our kids, [agendas] that attack their hearts and minds. But I’ve definitely seen it [accelerating over] the last years.”

“It’s a concerted agenda in order to take the one thing that’s still left in our culture for most children – which is schooling. It’s mandated by law … and so it’s a perfect place to indoctrinate. We need to basically be careful, take it back.”

While Blasingame lamented the lack of involvement from other conservatives, she still sees a silver lining. “To me, this is a wonderful day [and] we have big problems to solve. It’s an exciting time because our community woke up: We woke up to the woke agenda, and we’re ready to take down the woke agenda,” she said. (Related: Congressional candidate vows to get Critical Race Theory teachers prosecuted as domestic terrorists.)

Hotze told his viewers how leftist ideas in public schools affect generations of children, including those in private institutions.

“My kids all went to private schools and I’d say, ‘just let them go to public schools.’ I didn’t think it would affect us but obviously, what my neighbor’s children are being taught in school, it’s going to have an effect on my kids even though they go to a Christian school,” Hotze said.

“They’re [going to] be influenced by the indoctrination that these children learn at the public schools, and they’re going to influence them in their thinking. And then, those people grow up and take leadership. There are obviously a lot more people in public schools, and private schools are Christian schools. So they’re going to end up being in positions of leadership, [and] they’re ultimately going to squeeze out those of us that have a Christian faith and [Christian] values because they will have been indoctrinated now.”

Hotze is hoping that Blasingame will inspire more conservatives to get involved in local school board elections. “I hope this will be an encouragement for you to involve yourself, your family and your friends in the local school board races. Let’s take back the school boards with Christian patriots and those who believe in biblical worldviews and values,” he said.

Watch the full Oct. 26 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” below. Tune in to “The Dr. Hotze Report” every Monday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

EducationSystem.news has more stories about people like Natalie Blasingame standing up to CRT and the woke agenda in public schools.

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