Drug Smuggling Via Drones on Rise in Arizona, Say Feds

Drug Smuggling Via Drones on Rise in Arizona, Say
Feds 1

Border Patrol officials in Arizona report the use of drones to smuggle drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border is on the rise. Yuma Sector officials ask for the public’s help in spotting and reporting illegal drone activity.

“Drones, more formally called unmanned aircraft systems, have many positive and legitimate uses; however, drones are also frequently being used to smuggle illegal drugs across the international border from Mexico into the U.S.,” Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials said in a written statement. “They are operated from a distance by remote control and are most often used under the cover of night.”

Last month, Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two U.S. citizens who picked up nearly 25 pounds of methamphetamine that smugglers dropped from a drone, according to a November Border Patrol statement. The drone delivered the package of drugs near a residence near San Luis, Arizona. Agents arrested the two U.S. citizens and seize the $225,ooo worth of meth.

“Drones are more easily available and because of this, drug trafficking organizations are using them to transport drugs,” Border Community Liaison Agent Benjamin Rodriguez said this week. He added that drone activity is most prevalent in south Yuma County.

“They can easily fly the drugs over and drop them off (on the U.S. side),” Rodriguez explained.

Officials ask for the public to contact the Border Patrol if they see or hear suspicious drone activity. Arizona residents should call 1-866-999-USBP (8727).

“We are reaching out to the public to help us out should they see anything suspicious that may be a drone being used illicitly,” Rodriguez said. “This is an ongoing effort by Yuma’s chief patrol agent to secure our borders.”

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