Effort to defund police in Minneapolis goes up in smoke as Republicans make gains in deep blue states where voters are rejecting Biden

Effort to defund police in Minneapolis goes up in smoke as
Republicans make gains in deep blue states where voters are
rejecting Biden 1

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It never made sense to rational, thinking Americans but to raging left-wing Marxists out to destroy the social fabric of our nation, “defunding the police” was as brilliant as it was necessary.

And nowhere did these lunatics think they had a better chance of seeing their crazy plan come to fruition than in uber-liberal Minneapolis, Minn., the city where a police officer was convicted of murdering George Floyd in May 2020 — an act that set off nationwide riots and looting that lasted into the November elections.

But just when it seems the Marxists are on the cusp of winning, Americans awake from their political slumber and make their more rational voices known, as was the case earlier this week when voters in Minneapolis rejected a proposal out of hand to ditch the MPD and replace it with some nebulous “public safety department” that might have or might not have had “traditional” police officers, as The American Wire notes:

According to reports, the measure, known as Question 2, was rejected by a margin of 56 percent to 43 percent in the city where George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in May 2020, setting off nationwide unrest, violence, and the biggest police reform movement in decades.

The initiative called for replacing the MPD with a new Department of Public Safety that would have been overseen by the mayor and the 13-member city council, versus just the mayor who oversees the current police department. The new agency called for “a comprehensive public health approach” to law enforcement that may include traditional cops “if necessary.” Also, the measure would have done away with a mandatory minimum number of sworn police officers enshrined in the city’s charter.

“Supporters had pitched the proposed charter amendment as a chance to expand public safety, arguing it would allow city leaders to design a department where mental health and social work professionals worked alongside traditional police,” Axios reported.

What did Question 2 in? Easy: Americans, when pressed, generally vote for their own interests and that was the case here. Violence and crime rose sharply in Minneapolis after the Floyd Rebellion; cops in the city did less and less because they didn’t want to get jammed up if something went wrong. And others just left for greener (safer) pastures.

“There was also some confusion as to how the new public safety department would have actually functioned,” American Wire noted further, adding that the ballot initiative was problematic for Democrats generally, since if it passed, then likely more sane communities around the country would see it as a direct attack on their security and vote accordingly (as in, for GOP candidates who are promising law and order again).

Still, the left-wing crazies who backed Question 2 remained, well, crazy.

“We’ve always known our work is bigger than one election,” said a statement from TakeAction Minnesota, which supported the measure. “Social change is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Meanwhile, Leili Fatehi, the campaign manager for All of Mpls, the group that led the opposition to Question 2, noted that voters “made clear that they want a planful approach to transforming policing and public safety.” She went on to call for Minneapolis city leaders to now “roll up their sleeves and carry out this public mandate in good faith and without delay.”

One of the crazy advocates of the defund police initiative is Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who represents Minneapolis.

“We have an opportunity, once and for all, to listen to those most impacted by police brutality and the communities who have been demanding change for decades,” Omar noted a Star Tribune op-ed. “We have a mandate, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, to deliver a public safety system rooted in compassion, humanity and love, and to deliver true justice. I hope we fulfill it.”

These people never learn — especially those like Omar who have their own security.

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