Election Chaos Sparks Investigation After Fishy 'Poll Worker Error' in New Jersey

Election Chaos Sparks Investigation After Fishy 'Poll Worker
Error' in New Jersey 1

It is completely unacceptable that some election officials in the country still haven’t gotten their act together.

After the chaos of the 2020 election and subsequent months of controversy and scrutiny over election integrity, you would think every local election office in the nation would be doing its best to maintain full transparency and conduct elections without error.

Apparently, officials in Essex County, New Jersey, didn’t seem to think so.

Currently, an investigation is ongoing to determine why a “poll worker error” led to 56 districts within the county not counting their votes on time after poll workers in several cities shut down 56 voting machines without them first being counted, according to News 12 The Bronx.

Essex County Clerk Christopher Durkin has made it clear that the machines are currently locked safely away.


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“Those machines are at the polling places right now,” Durkin said according to News 12 The Bronx.

“Those machines have to be brought back to the warehouse. A judge will issue an order for us to open those machines, retrieve the results and post those results.”

“We need to compile a list of the results that are missing, then need to schedule a hearing in front of a judge and then the judge issued the order and then we’re able to go and retrieve those results.”

Now, we should make this clear up front: None of this will change the results of the New Jersey gubernatorial race.

Is election integrity important?

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Democrat Philip Murphy has been declared the winner after edging out his Republican opponent, Jack Ciattarelli.

Ninety percent of the vote in Essex County has already been reported.

However, that doesn’t mean that citizens in New Jersey — and across the country — shouldn’t be concerned over election problems the county is facing.

This was the same case with the 2020 election.

There is absolutely no evidence — in fact, there is evidence to the contrary — that a widespread, coordinated effort to “steal” the presidential election away from Donald Trump occurred.


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That being said, we saw numerous smaller, localized examples of election fraud and various irregularities in the vote.

There is no doubt that American elections could and should be more secure. Don’t let Democrats or leftists tell you any different.

If the counties that have been called into question in both the 2020 election and elections since then had simply been transparent with the public and taken the time and effort to shore up their processes, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately, too many county election officials can’t be counted on to actually do their jobs.

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