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Election Fraud Battle is About Integrity, Says Founder of UndercoverDC

Election Fraud Battle is About Integrity, Says Founder of
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Founder of UncoverDC, Tracy Diaz (also known as Tracy Beanz), says that the concerns over election fraud are about the issue of election integrity and not necessarily about President Donald Trump.

“For a good majority of the folks that I speak to anyway, it is about the fact that we have lots and lots of evidence that bad people—who they are I’m not going to speculate—stole this election from the American people and handed it to somebody who didn’t deserve it,” Diaz told Jan Jekielek, host of the American Thoughts Leader, a program of The Epoch Times.

Diaz says those challenging the election are “normal people who just want to save the country, this is not about President Trump.” Even though they do love Trump and think “he’s been an amazing president.”

“So I don’t think it’s loyalty to President Trump. I think that it’s loyalty to this idea of somebody or a way to be the underdog or the guy who’s going to change it all, the person that’s representing every man.”

Being a political activist since September 11, 2001, Diaz has been involved in many activities including the Tea party and defining the “Deep State.”

According to Diaz, there’s “a bunch of unelected bureaucrats that are sitting somewhere making decisions for the American people without any accountability” or any oversight to make sure they’re doing the right thing.

Diaz says she got “passionate and fervent about trying to explain to people” what was happening. “Now they’re coming to accept some of the things we’ve been trying to say,” she said.

On her Twitter account, Diaz pinned a message that reads: “When I started doing investigative journalism full time, I fully understood the responsibility I was taking on. In a sea of disinformation from all sides, I vowed to be a place people could come where they knew they were getting the truth, even if painful. ”

Diaz’s interview with Jan Jekielek on American Thought Leaders will premier on YouTube on Dec. 22 at 7 pm.

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