Election Fraud Expert: Michigan’s Election Results Are ‘Physical Impossibility’

Election Fraud Expert: Michigan’s Election Results Are
‘Physical Impossibility’ 1

The claims of unexplained anomalies by Wayne County, Michigan, election board canvassers are validated by one renowned election fraud experts who states, definitively, that Michigan’s election results – across the state and not just in Wayne County – are a “physical impossibility.”

The examination of the Michigan voter data was performed by Russell Ramsland, the co-owner of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG). His company specializes in detecting election fraud, cybersecurity, open source intelligence and global security services. Ramsland served in the Reagan administration and has worked for both NASA and MIT.

In the affidavit concerning the election in Michigan, Ramsland determined – without question – that vote fraud and ballot tampering took place in the 2020 General Election in Michigan determining the results as they are currently known to be a “physical impossibility.”

In addressing the Dominion Voting System, Ramsland was critical of its security over-all citing “vulnerabilities to hacking and tampering, both at the front end where Americans cast their votes, and at the back end where the votes are stored, tabulated, and reported.”

Ramsland noted that the vulnerabilities described are well-known by experts in the voting securing field and that these vulnerabilities have been extensively written about.

In explaining how the systems logs are tantamount to “uprotected,” Ramsland said that anyone with an elementary knowledge of computer systems could “arbitrarily add, modify, or remove log entries” causing a log event to take place. That the logs are unprotected makes the alterations to the tabulations undetectable.

“My colleagues and I… have studied… the November 3, 2020, election results. Based on the significant anomalies and red flags that we have observed, we believe there is a significant probability that election results have been manipulated…” Ramsland wrote.

His colleague, Dr. Andrew Appel, a professor of computer science at Princeton University and an election security expert, said, “I figured out how to make a slightly different computer program that just before the polls were closed it switches some votes around from one candidate to another. I wrote that computer program into a memory chip and now to hack a voting machine you need just 7 minutes alone with it and a screw driver.”

Ramsland Affidavit 2

Ramsland goes on to write in his affidavit that, “There are a stunning 3,276 precincts where the Presidential Votes Cast compared to the Estimated Voters based on Reported Statistics ranges from 84% to 350%… reveals 431,954 excess ballots.. This pattern strongly suggests that the *additive algorithm* was activated.”

Ramsland Affidavit 3

His affidavit goes on to say, “Until the tabulated voter turnout reached approximately 83%, Trump was generally winning between 55% and 60% of every turnout point. Then, after the counting was closed at 2:00am, the situation dramatically reserved itself, starting with a series of impossible spikes.”

Ramsland Affidavit 4

But it is the final red-flag that Ramsland and his team found that provides the smoking-gun of vote fraud and ballot tampering; that convinced Ramsland and his team there was, indeed, a crime committed in Michigan.

“The final red flag is perhaps the greatest,” Ramsland wrote. “In the data are 4 spikes totaling 384, 733 ballots allegedly processed in a combined interval of only 2 hours and 38 minutes. This is physically impossible given the available equipment at the 4 reference locations.”

Ramsland Affidavit 5

Ramsland continued to point out that, that the Dominion system reported 46 out of 47 precincts displaying a highly unlikely 96 percent voter turnout as the number of votes cast. He added that using the Secretary of State’s number of voters in the precincts, 25 of those 47 precincts show a highly suspect 100 percent turnout.

He noted that the pattern suggests with a great deal of certainty that both the fraudulent additive algorithm was activated in the code and that “batch processing of blank votes” also took place resulting in 74,119 more ballots cast than the capacity.

Ramsland Affidavit 6

Ramsland warned about Dominion Voting System machine vulnerabilities before the election was even executed.

Michigan election canvassers in Wayne County, one of the counties flagged as having corrupted election results, have refused to certify the election.

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