Election Fraud

Election Fraud Truth Summit Presents Evidence of Civil Rights Violations

Election Fraud Truth Summit Presents Evidence of Civil
Rights Violations 1

Economic warfare expert Kevin Freeman held an Election Fraud Truth Summit on his channel, Economic War Room, on Tuesday. He and his guests talked about legal court cases and voter fraud as a civil rights violation.

Jacki Deason is a Trump team volunteer who presented evidence at the Georgia hearing: footage of poll workers pulling out bins of ballots from underneath tables. At the Truth Summit, she discussed the degree of ineligible voters voting this year in Georgia.

“We have in our petition contest, that there were about 2,500 felons voting, about 66,000 underage registrants, 2,400 people who were not on the voter rolls, about 5,000 people who had registered in another state after registering in Georgia, which by definition under state law, you are no longer eligible to vote,” said Deason.

Dr. Sean Lin, the executive director of Truth Warriors Alliance, raised the topic of foreign interference. He presented footage of what appears to be an underground print shop in China printing counterfeit ballots.

“So from Mr. Yi’s testimony, we can see hundreds of thousands, even more than a million counterfeit ballots have been shipped into the United States,” said Lin.

Former defense department inspector general Joe Schmitz also joined the summit. He highlighted how voter fraud in this year’s election is not just an issue of fraud, but also a violation of civil rights and the Constitution.

“The Civil Rights Act of 1871 was focused on voting rights, and that’s why Congress passed this statute which forbids anybody from conspiring to deprive American citizens the right to vote in free and fair elections,” said Schmitz.

“And as Texas points out in the complaint it filed last night, it was a violation of the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause. And that’s exactly what the Civil Rights Act of 1871 focuses on.”

At the end of the summit, Kevin Freeman urged his viewers to pray. “Because the stakes are high,” he said.

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