Election Witnesses: Kanye’s Michigan Votes Were Stolen by Joe Biden

Election Witnesses: Kanye’s Michigan Votes Were Stolen by
Joe Biden 1

Thousands of Kanye votes stolen!

Votes that were clearly marked for Kanye West were, instead, given to Joe Biden in Michigan, witnesses allege. 

Kanye started a low-key run for President over the past year, failing to fulfill the many onerous and restrictive ballot access requirements in many states, including Michigan. Michigan requires independent candidates for President to collect 12,000 petition signatures in order to appear on the ballot, a requirement that Kanye did not meet back in July.

But many still preferred Kanye, and voted for him. 

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Those votes were primarily given to Joe Biden, according to witnesses, who said poll workers joked about it as they physically altered ballots to remove votes for Kanye, and instead add them to the Democrat totals.

“The Secretary of State took these people’s vote and changed it.”

“When the write-in is deleted and the mark is made for straight ticket, and the party is marked Democrat, all deleted write-in votes become Democrat votes, they were doing this all day,” said Robin Mifsud, a GOP Poll Challenger in Detroit on election day who witnessed Kanye votes going to Biden. “The Secretary of State took these people’s votElection Witnesses: Kanye’s Michigan Votes Were Stolen by
Joe Biden 2e and changed it.”

Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson quietly issued rules this past summer that any “unapproved write-in” should have their votes CANCELLED.

Witnesses describe THOUSANDS of Kanye votes that were GIVEN TO BIDEN due to this Benson rule.

If someone voted straight-ticket Democrat and wrote in Kanye, since he was an “unapproved write-in candidate” according to the Secretary of State, they were instructed to remove Kanye’s vote and instead give that vote to Joe Biden, a 77 year old white man.

The witness whistleblowers who came forward to reveal this all saw it happen in Detroit. 

“This shit ain’t about Trump anymore, they out here stealing from Yeezy, this ain’t right,” said Kanye fan Chris S., in Detroit.

Kanye has already conceded.

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