Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quits After Socialists Take Over

Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quits After
Socialists Take Over 1

The Nevada Democratic Party is facing a major shake-up after the entire staff quit following socialist-backed victories for party leadership positions.

A number of positions, including the party chair seat, were up for re-election on March 6, and every single candidate supported by the Democratic Socialists of America — a far-left nonprofit organization — won their race.

The party establishment was expecting the massive loss and gave themselves severance checks, according to The Intercept.

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On her way out, the party’s executive director Alana Mounce reportedly sent an email to newly elected chair Judith Whitmer, conveying her congratulations and announcing the entire staff would be vacating their positions — herself included.

“I’ve been putting in the work,” Whitmer told The Intercept when asked about the widescale quitting.

“What they just didn’t expect is that we got better and better at organizing and out-organizing them at every turn.”

Whitmer additionally expressed that while she was not surprised by the mass exodus, she was disappointed in the party establishment as a whole.

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“But what hit us by surprise and was sort of shocking is that for a slate that claimed that they were all about unity, and kept this false narrative of division going on throughout the entire campaign — in fact they kept intensifying that — that’s what was surprising about it, was the willingness to just walk away, instead of working with us,” Whitmer said.

The situation could be looked at as a case study for internal divisions between far-left progressives and the establishment, which is arguably more moderate.

A departure of every single staffer indicates there is bad blood between the two main factions of the Democratic Party, and understandably so.

Nevada tends to lean blue, but it hosts relatively competitive statewide races and presidential elections.

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In 2020, President Joe Biden only won the state with 50.1 percent of the vote, with former President Donald Trump earning 47.7 percent, NPR reported.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist, won the 2020 Nevada Democratic primary caucus by a wide margin — fueling the surge in grassroots activism by the far-left in the state.

Between congressional redistricting and Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto being up for re-election in 2022, the Nevada state party’s hard left turn could be a gift to Nevada Republicans.

Republicans could easily conflate the people running for office with their more extreme state party, and it could seriously make an impact in competitive congressional districts.

While this could be a positive sign for Republicans in terms of campaign messaging, this instance in the Silver State is a grave sign that socialism is becoming more mainstream every single day in America.

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