Every 'Racist' Confederate Statue the House Voted to Remove from Congress Is of a Democrat

Every 'Racist' Confederate Statue the House Voted to Remove
from Congress Is of a Democrat 1

Democrats are constantly talking about “having difficult conversations” and “acknowledging the evils of American history” — and yet, whenever they have the chance to wipe out a conversation starter, it is torn down, ripped out or burned to ashes.

This was again the case on Tuesday when the Democratic House majority — along with some Republicans — passed a bill to remove statues of Confederates from the Capitol, all of which happen to be commemorative of Democrats like former Confederate States President Jefferson Davis and former Chief Justice Roger Taney.

Amid an upsurge of illegal immigration at the southern border, a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and a looming inflationary crisis, why is Congress debating which 150-year-old statues are allowed to stay?

Well, systemic racism, of course.

Per the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia argued that these Confederate statues indicate to black Americans that their lives do not hold value in our culture because the monuments “stood for the proposition that you were less than human.”


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“It’s personally an affront to me as a black man to walk around and look at these figures and see them standing tall,” he added, “looking out as if they were visionaries and they did something that was great. No, they did something that was very hurtful to humanity.”

This happens to be a reasonable argument for removing Confederate statues. It also completely undermines the Democratic push to come to grips with the evils of our past.

How exactly are Americans to have these “difficult conversations” if all the reminders of those evils have been destroyed in the name of preventing offense — the sort of which always occurs during difficult conversations?

The answer is that we aren’t actually supposed to have these talks.

Should Confederate statues be removed from the Capitol?

Yes: 0% (0 Votes)

No: 100% (76 Votes)

If Americans see statues of defeated Confederate generals and discuss the downfall of the Confederacy, they will be reminded of the triumph of the American founding ideal.

This makes it difficult for Democrats to argue that the United States is just as racist today as it was hundreds of years ago, as the anti-historical 1619 Project propagandists lie.

If certain reminders of American history are removed from public view in the name of not offending people, then history can be whatever Democrats need it to be.

Part of this would mean forgetting, as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy noted, that these statues are of Democrats who supported the Confederacy during the Civil War and then supported actual institutional racism in the Jim Crow South for another century following emancipation.

“Let me state a simple fact. All the statues being removed by this bill are statues of Democrats,” McCarthy said prior to the vote, according to the Daily Mail.


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From the Trail of Tears to the Civil War to Jim Crow segregation, it is historical fact that racist, white Democrats were among the chief purveyors of some of the worst evil committed on American soil.

Trying to wipe that from modern memory would absolve Democrats, as well, of obstructing the rise of black Americans since.

House Democrats, as it turns out, have not explained how the removal of a bust of Roger Taney nullifies the consequences of the Dred Scott ruling.

Nor have they described how its replacement with a Thurgood Marshall statue would cut down on single motherhood in the black community or bolster high school graduation rates or decrease black-on-black crime in Democrat-run cities.

The fact is that modern Democrats are not responsible for the evil done by past members of their party. But they expose themselves to attack once they say that modern Republicans are.

This bill is Orwellian in its attempt to manipulate the present understanding of history for political reasons — and it shows that, for a group of do-gooders bent on eradicating racism, the Democratic Party has an awful fixation on race and how all things related might be used to get what the party wants.


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