EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Wisconsin State Senator Lied, Reneges on $100 Offered For Proof of CRT

EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Wisconsin State Senator Lied, Reneges on
$100 Offered For Proof of CRT 1

An earlier Big League exclusive this week covered a bet between Wisconsin school board member Taylor Wishau and Democrat State Senator regarding whether or not there were provable teachings of critical race theory (CRT) within a Wisconsin school curriculum. An excerpt from that article can be found below:


Where would you like the evidence sent so I can claim the $100.00 you offered a short time ago during the Joint Committee on Education hearing on SB 411 & SB 463?

Once supplied, you can make the check out to the Burlington Area School District as a donation.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


Taylor M. Wishau
Burlington Area School District Board of Education Treasurer”

Wishau soon followed up with another email in which he copied over 80 of the Senator’s colleagues, which said “Just a follow up to ensure accountability for your words, I’ve copied over 80 of your colleagues on this reply. I look forward to your reply and a check being issued to the Burlington Area School District for $100.00 once evidence is supplied to you.  In service of course…”

The material found in the PDF attachment of Wishau’s email included a survey that was distributed to students across various grade levels within the district, ranging from 5th grade to 12th. The survey sought to educate students on the concept of a ‘microaggression’ before asking students to fill out questions regarding potential ‘microaggression’ related incidentals at school….

The original report and full context can be found by clicking here.

Big League Politics has since received more exclusive emails from the incident indicating that Wisconsin Democrat State Senator Chris Larson no longer plans on paying the $100 bet, which was to be made in the form of a donation to Wisconsin’s Burlington Area School District.

According to Larson, the proof of racial division being pushed in public education shown by Wishau was not in fact critical race theory, nor part of a curriculum, thus exempting him from his promise. His email to Wishau also denied the entire premise of a racially divisive survey being problematic in education, saying instead that it is “important to acknowledge that surveys like these are not designed to push specific worldviews,” but rather that “they are tools for students to be open and honest about their experiences with inclusion in the classroom.”


Thank you for the email and for sharing your views.

As we have discussed, during the joint legislative Education hearing on 8/11/2021 and in a follow-up statewide press release, I offered $100 to the first person who can find me a public elementary school in the state that is teaching Critical Race Theory as part of their curriculum.

Your email clearly fails that challenge. As you suggested in your email, one brief survey is not a curriculum. I see no mention of critical race theory in the information you provided me. Pretending that any discussion about race in a classroom is secretly critical race theory is the equivalent of pretending that any kid kicking water in a splash pad is engaged in Olympic level synchronized swimming.

That being said, it is also important to acknowledge that surveys like these are not designed to push specific worldviews. Rather, they are tools for students to be open and honest about their experiences with inclusion in the classroom. They can even spark student-led discussions on inclusivity and belonging at school, allowing students to demonstrate empathy and maturity. I understand that you have a different perspective.

Our education system needs to help prepare our children for success as productive members of our society. Students must therefore study the history of racism and present effects of racism to ensure that our nation’s future is inclusive and collaborative.


Chris Larson

State Senator

Wishau responded to the email suggesting the two “agree to disagree” while also calling attention to Larson’s social media activity accusing Wishau and others who oppose racist teachings in public schooling of having a “pants-pee.”

“Senator, Unfortunately, it appears we are sadly at an impasse. I respect your views and we clearly must agree to disagree at this point,” the email said.

“I assure you that even though we disagree on this crucial issue, I will not rush to social media and state you are having a ‘pants-pee’ or use any other derogatory language in reference to you simply because we have a fundamental disagreement on curriculum, legislation, or policy.”

The Wisconsin school board member concluded his message, saying “I am sure our paths will cross again in the near future as potential ‘colleagues’ in some capacity in Madison.”

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