EXCLUSIVE: Expert Trump Witness Says Georgia Has Up To 40,000 Fraudulent Votes, Explains How To Remove Them

EXCLUSIVE: Expert Trump Witness Says Georgia Has Up To
40,000 Fraudulent Votes, Explains How To Remove Them 1

Mark Davis, the president of Data Productions, who testified before
the Georgia Senate last week regarding potential election
irregularities and fraud he discovered while examining the Georgia
voter rolls, exclusively told National File how the Trump campaign
can use his analysis in court and in the Georgia legislature to
overturn the 2020 presidential election’s potentially fraudulent

Davis, who analyzed the voter rolls and testified that 40,000
Georgia residents may have voted illegally due to changes in
residence, in some cases moving out of state, explained to National
File that the Trump campaign’s legal team can fight to remove
these potentially fraudulent votes from the state’s official vote
count both in court and through the Georgia legislature.

“To make this kind of case there’s two ways to do it: You
either take each vote individually, one by one, you bring them in
and put them under oath, you say, ‘Did you vote in the election?
Did you vote in the presidential election? Did you move from 123
Elm Street to 123 Main Street? Approximately when did you do that?
Next.’” Davis added, “You’re talking about an endless parade,
at least 12,000 voters.”

Watch Mark Davis’ testimony here:

Davis explained that, in his view, any rational judge would
quickly tire of hearing from between 12,000 and 40,000 voters who
may have voted illegally, and determine that there are serious
irregularities that require the election results to be overturned.
The current number of votes separating Trump and Joe Biden is
roughly 12,000.

“At some point the judge can throw his hands up and say, ‘I
see systemic irregularities.’ That’s the second way a judge can
fix this, you either need to go case by case, or you get a critical
mass and the judge can say, ‘I’ve seen enough.’”

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Assuming the courts worked 8 hour days with no breaks for lunch
or other intermissions, it would take approximately 250 business
days in court to hear from 12,000 witnesses, or 50 weeks of working
Monday through Friday with zero breaks.

“It’s a tough case to prove, but if we really want to
fight,” Davis added, “This is a case that’s built on hard
data. I can identify every voter we’re talking about here. I’m
concerned about concrete actions, and there is a path to

Davis added that “You might persuade a judge to take a random
sample of the 40,000, and prove the case that way. He concluded,
“This is unprecedented.”

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Davis also explained that, should Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a
Republican, submit to the innumerable requests to call a special
session of the Georgia legislature, the legislators could
potentially reclaim their Constitutional ability to assign
electors, and, using the data gathered by Davis and other evidence
of potential voter fraud, invalidate Joe Biden’s win and certify
the state’s Electoral College votes for President Donald

Thus far, Kemp has refused the calls from President Trump and
others to call a special session of the legislature, even though he
has joined the President’s call for Georgia Secretary of State
Brad Raffensperger, another Republican, to allow for signature
verification of ballots.

It is important to note that, when speaking to National File,
Davis stressed the importance of getting the most current data from
Raffensperger’s office. Davis, who has request in with the
Secretary of State’s office to get this information, believes
that there may have been an even larger number of voters who
potentially voted illegally, and says this is the data that a
judge, or the Georgia legislature, must receive.

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