EXCLUSIVE: If Illegitimate and Unexplained Negative Votes Were Reversed or Eliminated in Georgia, President Trump Would Easily Win the State

EXCLUSIVE: If Illegitimate and Unexplained Negative Votes
Were Reversed or Eliminated in Georgia, President Trump Would
Easily Win the State 1

We’ve reported numerous times on the vote and election fraud in Georgia.  We now have uncovered that if the illegitimate and unexplained negative votes that were recorded and included in Georgia’s vote totals were properly reversed or eliminated, President Trump would hold the lead in Georgia.

Overall it is clear that Georgia did not vote for Joe Biden.  We believe not many people did.  Once the stinch of fraud is eliminated, Georgia will end up a very red state.  President Trump won Georgia by more than 5% in 2019.  There is no way this was reversed.  The amount of fraud that occurred in this state in 2020 is inconceivable.

In 2020 President Trump set a monumental new record by adding over 11 million new votes to his 2016 tally across the US.

President Trump won bellwether states Florida and Ohio by 5% and by more than this in Iowa.

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But now the media wants you to believe that Georgia went blue under Donald Trump.
Does anyone believe this?

On Election day and late into the night President Trump was leading in Georgia by 100,000 votes.

Then as we previously reported earlier after Biden gained a lead following MASSIVE vote dumps, the remainder of the votes in the state possessed the same Biden to Trump ratio.

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The results in Georgia were not random.  They were stolen.

Not a single batch in our data set after the “lead switch event” varied from that margin for all new vote batches. This is inconceivable and indicates fraud.

Since our previous report on Georgia more data fraud has been reported.

As previously reported, YouTube user Endeez found at least one batch of votes of 23,000 dumped into the total 98% of them for Joe Biden.
This is impossible and points to more fraud.

Georgia was STOLEN from President Trump.

Now another individual has provided us information on the Georgia election fraud.  If you recall from our prior posts there were numerous negative votes in the data set which showed the President crushing it in Georgia for most the day and night.  Then there were thousands of data set dumps for Biden, but many of them were interspersed with these negative amounts for the candidates.

These negative vote counts which make no logical sense are embedded throughout the NYT-Edison data.  What the data is telling us is that thousands and even millions of Americans came in after voting and asked to take their vote back.  This clearly does not happen.  The only other rationale for the entries ultimately is fraud.

Our reader tells us, that in Georgia alone, if all negative entries for both Biden and Trump were reversed or eliminated, then President Trump would have the lead in the election.

There are 26 Updates with negative entries, which represents a significant 5.2% of ALL Batches!  Since each time there’s a negative entry, the discrepancy of vote shares is 70%+ and mostly in Biden’s favor, it’s logical to remove those entries from the vote tally.

Removing these negative entries will give Trump a higher vote (2,458,439) vs. Biden (2,446,374) based solely on NYT data set.  Note that this differential vote at 12,066 is practically the same as the final tally difference after the Recount!

The inclusion or not of negative entries in the tally will determine the winner in Georgia.

The negative votes alone, if reversed or removed, would give President Trump the lead in Georgia.

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