EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Witness Melissa Carone: Dominion CEO John Poulos LIED to Michigan Senate, I HAVE THE PROOF! (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Witness Melissa Carone: Dominion CEO
John Poulos LIED to Michigan Senate, I HAVE THE PROOF!

Yesterday the Michigan Senate heard from John Poulos, CEO of controversial company Dominion Voting Services.

While he was speaking, the Legislature was also issuing subpoenas for election documents and files from Wayne County, which is where many of the witnesses to voter fraud have claimed that they saw major problems in the 2020 election.

Dominion whistleblower, Mellissa Carone, also watched the testimony and says she saw nothing but a stream of lies from Poulos.

The mainstream media is constructing the narrative that Poulos was credible because he says that everything on Dominion’s systems can be checked by a simple recount of the ballot boxes. What he fails to explain, as elections expert Bob Cushman explained to the Gateway Pundit recently, is that under Michigan law problem ballot boxes can easily be made un-recountable by having just one ballot missing or by breaking the seal on the ballot box. Meaning that a recount would be impossible.

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As well, the content of the ballot boxes are suspect because of the late-night, 4am Biden Ballot Dump at the TCF Center, witnessed by Carone, Shane Trejo, Jose Aliaga, among many others. Physical ballots showed up 8 hours after the deadline: and they were all counted and added to the ballot boxes, according to many independent witnesses.

Meaning that Dominion could have cooked the election books on election night, and then used faked paper ballots to cover their tracks.

Carone claims to have further evidence of Poulos’ lies: internal documents showing the connection to Smartmatic, how the Dominion machines were networked and internet-connected.

According to the New York Times, these problems with the 2020 election only amount to “minor irregularities.”

Kyle Becker on Twitter watched the hearing and quickly found these lies as well:

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