Exclusive – North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee: Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak Fails to Fight Biden’s Punishing Tax Increases

Exclusive – North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee: Nevada Gov.
Steve Sisolak Fails to Fight Biden’s Punishing Tax
Increases 1

President Biden’s unhinged tax plan would crush Nevada’s economic recovery, and it is shameful that Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) refuses to take a stand and fight this absolutely unsustainable and harmful liberal policy proposal.

How much more can Nevadans take? Gov. Sisolak’s mismanagement of our economy has given Nevada the second highest unemployment rate in America, prices for gas and groceries are skyrocketing, our precious tourism industry is still suffering – and now Joe Biden wants to crush our working families with punishing tax increases.

It’s no secret that Gov. Sisolak has mismanaged the economy of Nevada from day one, resulting in massive and historic layoffs, small business closures, families in financial distress, lost opportunities, dashed dreams and a lower quality of life. If grades were given for governing, Gov. Sisolak would get an F.

Gov. Sisolak and Joe Biden share the same destructive liberal vision of big government, big taxes, and less economic freedom. Instead of standing up to Joe Biden’s tax-attack, Gov. Sisolak ducks, dodges, and runs away. The result: Nevada’s working families and small businesses will take a direct hit in the pocketbook. Now, hardworking taxpayer dollars from Nevadans will be funneled 2,500 miles to Washington, D.C., where it will be mismanaged and misspent.

Socialism hasn’t worked anywhere, but today the Nevada Democratic Party, Gov. Sisolak, the White House, and many in Washington, D.C., want us to trust them as they march us off an economic cliff. Biden’s plan is the final step in strangling Nevada’s economy to death. If Gov. Sisolak doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Joe Biden’s failed economic plan which will strangle our economy, I will.

I recently took a stand by leaving the Democratic Party because it embraced socialism, adopted radical policies, and turned its back on Nevada’s middle class and working families. That’s why I’m taking a stand today against Joe Biden’s failed vision.

We need a smarter plan of action with real solutions to get Nevada’s economy moving, businesses hiring, and families going to bed each night feeling financially secure. We need to restore pride in Nevada, so it becomes the best place in America to live, work, raise a family, and enjoy the environmental treasures we love. And we need Washington to stay out of our way so Nevadans can create, build, innovate, and restore a better way of life. 

I’m proud that we have a good news story to tell in North Las Vegas. We took an economically broken city, turned it around, and created an environment attractive for investors and new businesses to grow. Today, it’s a place where you can get a good job at a good wage, find affordable housing, enjoy time with your family in the great outdoors, and enjoy a better quality of life.

But if this proposed tax increase was to go through, revivals like we’ve seen in North Las Vegas wouldn’t be able to happen – because capital that is needed for similar projects would be sidelined as a direct result of these disastrous policies.

President Biden and Gov. Sisolak’s reckless policies would destroy the city I’ve worked so hard to rebuild and the state that I love so much. I refuse to let that happen.

Washington doesn’t know best – and neither does Gov. Sisolak. We need to use some good old common sense, and we need Gov. Sisolak to listen to the cries of Nevadans, not his liberal allies in the Biden administration.

John Lee serves as Mayor of North Las Vegas, Nevada. In April 2021, Lee switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, making him the most prominent elected official to leave the Democratic Party since President Biden took office.

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