Exclusive — Ohio 15th Congressional District Special Election Shows Strong Republican Enthusiasm Heading into Midterms

Exclusive — Ohio 15th Congressional District Special
Election Shows Strong Republican Enthusiasm Heading into
Midterms 1

Republicans in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District previewed strong GOP enthusiasm Tuesday, outpacing Democrats in voting in the district’s special election primary.

The party is looking to gain back control of the House by massively outperforming Democrats turnout in the 2022 midterms.

Republicans in the special election far outpaced Democrats with voting in-person three-to-one, and voting absentee or early two-to-one. This highlights the enthusiasm from Republicans leading into the November 2021 special election and looking toward the fast-approaching 2022 midterms.

In total, there were over 50 thousand Republican voters in an 11-way primary compared to the Democrats with just over 16 thousand votes with only two candidates.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Republican candidate Mike Carey who saw a double-digit victory garnering 37 percent of the vote. His closest competitor received 13.3 percent of the vote, Ballotpedia data showed.

In receiving 37 percent of the vote (18,652 votes), Carey, a coal industry lobbyist, still received more votes than all votes cast in the Democrat primary.

Carey was able to build a large grassroots operation and had continued leading in preparation for the special election when he will face the Democrat, Allison Russo, in a head-to-head match.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) National Press Secretary Emma Vaughn exclusively told Breitbart News that “Tuesday’s results in Ohio prove what Republicans have been saying – Americans across the country are continuing to reject Biden’s failed policies and are turning towards Republicans’ proven message.”

“The Republican Party is firing on all cylinders and we look forward to carrying this momentum into the midterms when we take back the House and Senate,” Vaughn added.

Additionally, in the first six months of the election cycle leading up to 2022, the RNC has already made multi-million dollar investments into their data-driven ground game operation. The RNC’s huge investment is putting its ground game ahead of the midterms.

The RNC told Breitbart News that the committee has already hired 100 staffers to be in the field and local community centers so they can promote strong minority engagement to complement its “strategic data and digital investments.”

In preparation for the midterms, where they are looking to take the House back, the RNC has also made another multi-million dollar commitment for their continued effort in reaching out to the Asian-Pacific American, black, and Hispanic communities in key battleground districts across the county.

The committee has already opened two “Regional Engagement Centers” earlier this summer in Orange County, California, and in Cleveland, Ohio, but there are more to come.

In Orange County, Reps. Michelle Steel (R-CA) and Young Kim (R-CA) both flipped seats to become among the first Asian American women to serve in Congress. Both congresswomen praised the center for opening, according to the Hill.

In Cleveland, when the center opened, RNC Co-Chair Tommy Hicks tweeted pictures and wrote, “Lots of smiles all around at the opening of the RNC’s black American community center in Cleveland! Our party looks more like America than ever before, and we’re working hard to keep growing.”

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