EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Brothers Joe Gale and Sean Gale, Running for Governor and Senate, Slam Establishment GOP

EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Brothers Joe Gale and Sean Gale,
Running for Governor and Senate, Slam Establishment GOP 1

On Monday Night in Fishtown, a neighborhood of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, brothers gubernatorial candidate Joe Gale and U.S. Senate candidate Sean Gale had one of their ‘Cup of Joe’ events, where they outlined their vision for America and met with interested prospective voters.

The brothers, running for Governor and Senator of Pennsylvania respectively, are self-styled “Trump-like populists” and “true conservatives” who promise to fight RINOs and the corrupt political establishment of both parties. “The Republican party never helped us, so we’re not beholden to special interests” Joe Gale boasted near the beginning of the event.

Joe Gale is currently serving his second term as a County Commissioner in Montgomery County, the third most populous county in the State. He first got elected to the position after a primary upset in 2015, against a planned parenthood board member endorsed by the local Republican party.

“You know, I saw that that guy was endorsed by the party, and as someone who was raised as a conservative Catholic, I said ‘that’s not right,’ so I decided to run.” He credits the Cup of Joe events for his victory, as he was able to establish a personal relationship with many voters. The Republican Party did not back him either time he ran, despite his proven conservative record of consistently fighting for important issues as Commissioner.

Joe Gale was the youngest ever County Commissioner from Montgomery County, and the only one to have been elected without either major party supporting him. He’s has positioned himself as the only America First Republican elected in the Philadelphia area, and was the first elected official in Pennsylvania to endorse President Donald Trump in 2015.

During the many hot-button issues brought to light in 2020, Joe Gale has a proven record. He opposed the lockdowns, openly calling for reopening his county as early as Memorial Day of last year. He was also a vocal proponent of an audit of the 2020 election in November. Most notably, however, was his strong opposition to Black Lives Matter and the violent riots they sponsored last summer.

“While most conservatives were only willing to call out Antifa, which is easy, I called out Black Lives Matter,” he pointed out. Despite protesters showing up to his house and job, and immense social media push back, notably from rapper Meek Mill, he doubled down and stayed true to his convictions.

Gale contrasted his record of standing up for conservatives and their values against RINOs who constantly fail to do so, naming Senator Pat Toomey, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, and former Governor Tom Corbett. He notably pointed out how many Republicans in the area work with the far-left Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro in exchange for political favors.

“These people aren’t in it for God, or the Constitution, or their values, whatever those are. It’s all about business to them” Gale sighed. “Look at the RINOs this state elects… and people wonder why things are so bad now! They want to meet in the middle as the democrats run as far left as possible” he continued.

Meanwhile, Gale would even travel to other nearby counties to advocate for conservative causes. He shared how one time he went to a public high school in nearby Berks county to stop Planned Parenthood from influencing their students and curriculum. “I was there to fight for the parents and be their voice, and that’s what I’ll do for you as Governor” he promised. Gale is uniquely positioned to win this race. Because he is from the most liberal part of the most liberal part of the state, he has name recognition in the Philadelphia area. However, his social conservatism and economic populism will help him win in the rest of the state on the same platform President Trump used to win in 2016.

Gale also criticized State Senator Doug Mastriano, who developed national a reputation as being pro-Trump after the 2020 election despite many of his bad policy positions held prior to November of 2020. Mastriano, as it turns out, wanted to repeal HIPAA due to the COVID-19, which would have allowed the state to release people’s name and address if they tested positive for the virus. Mastriano was also an early proponent of Act 77, the 2019 law which allowed for the unprecedented amount of mail-in voting in the 2020 election.

Sean Gale, Joe’s brother and candidate for US Senate, also spoke, decrying RINOs and the swamp in Washington. However he went further. “Even someone like Ted Cruz, who has a solid voting record,” Sean Gale monologued. “The way I differ from Ted Cruz is that I’m a disrupter.” He also went after people like Kim Klacik and Charlie Kirk, who he accused of only using their platforms for monetary gain.

Sean talked about some of his primary opponents, and how he’s the only proven conservative in the race.  During the Q&A segment, both brothers spoke out against big tech censorship, specifically praising Clarence Thomas’s statements in a recent SCOTUS case, and Ron DeSantis’s anti-censorship bill in Florida as steps in the right direction.

You can find the brothers at and Additionally, Joe Gale is on Twitter at @VoteJoeGalePA.

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