Exclusive: Sen. Josh Hawley: 'Democrats Have Really Come to Love' Big Tech Censorship

Exclusive: Sen. Josh Hawley: 'Democrats Have Really Come to
Love' Big Tech Censorship 1

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), the author of told Breitbart News Daily on Friday that some Democrats “have really come to love” Big Tech’s political censorship while seeking to integrate technology firms’ control over information flow with government power.

In an interview Hawley noted the coordination between left-wing and partisan Democrat news media and the world’s largest technology companies in targeting dissident websites for censorship.

Marlow asked, “How much of Big Tech censorship is driven by the establishment media? It seems like they have the most to lose from a free and open Internet. The more the internet is free, the more you see the rise of Breitbart. … There are opportunities for individuals and upstarts to rise. The mainstream media doesn’t want this, so they’ve kind of found these common allies in Big Tech.”


Leftist news media initiate campaigns against ideological competitors as a lobbying effort for Big Tech companies to censor conservative, right-wing, and other outlets.

Hawley remarked, “

“This is the power of their monopolies, that they could turn off the revenue flow to all of these independent news sites and opinion outlets if they so choose, and this frankly is dangerous,” he added.

“The irony here is that Big Tech is also a threat to the establishment media in that Big Tech is about to control them, too,” he concluded. “It’s really a deal with the devil that the establishment media is making.”

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