Fed. Cybersecurity Agency Issues Rare Warning for Dominion Partner SolarWinds

Fed. Cybersecurity Agency Issues Rare Warning for Dominion
Partner SolarWinds 1

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued its fifth emergency directive in its five-year existence saying products made by SolarWinds Orion after a massive system breach was revealed on Sunday.

Federal agencies relying on the products were instructed to power-down following the apparent supply-chain attack by foreign actors on the company’s network security system.

The company said the attack relied on “trojans”—malicious code written into updates that occurred between March and June of this year.

While it remains unclear how many organizations may be impacted, it acknowledged multiple companies could have been operating with the infected software—including government, consulting, technology and telecom firms worldwide.

Among the clients who advertised use of the products is Dominion Voting Systems, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Dominion was itself on the receiving end of a brutal forensics report Monday.

A firm that conducted a forensic analysis of the Dominion-based voting equipment and databases in Antrim County, Michigan, concluded that the company had intentionally set error rates beyond 60 percent in order to redirect votes to a manual adjudicator.

The county had several suspicious results—most notably the transfer of thousands of votes for President Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden.

Nonetheless, it apparently had disregarded Monday’s call to power down due to the potential breach from SolarWinds.

Meanwhile, SolarWinds faced accusations of insider-trading after it was revealed that the company director, Aurora Co-Invest L.P. Slp, sold more than 2 million shares of its stock a week ago, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Chris Krebs, who headed CISA for two years during the Trump administration, was dismissed on Nov. 17, shortly after the agency created a website to “debunk” claims of election fraud.

Krebs called the allegations of Dominion malfeasance by Trump-backing attorney Sidney Powell and others a “hoax” and has continued since becoming a private citizen to claim that the accusations are part of a “disinfo” campaign.

Leftist mainstream media and social media have used Krebs’ remarks—along with claims by Attorney General William Barr that the Justice Department had not identified any actionable instances of vote fraud—as their primary justifications for claiming the accusations had been “debunked.”

However, like Krebs, Barr’s credibility took a hit recently following revelations that he had suppressed knowledge of a two-year tax-fraud investigation into Hunter Biden, even as the investigation might have proven exculpatory to Trump’s impeachment hearing and have impacted the decision of many Biden voters in the election.

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