Feds Flying ‘Child Migrants’ to Pennsylvania Site

Feds Flying ‘Child Migrants’ to Pennsylvania Site 1

Nearly 150 ‘child migrants’ have been moved from the southern border to a site in Pennsylvania, according to reports.

The Biden administration has selected the Pennsylvania International Academy in Summit Township as one of the latest ’emergency intake’ facilities in which to stash hundreds of illegal aliens claiming to be underage upon arrival in the U.S.

A Boeing 737 contracted by the federal government transported 146 girls from El Paso to Erie International Airport on Tuesday night, with coach buses bringing them to their final destination.

A dormitory at the school designed to house 648 students has been repurposed to hold foreign ‘unaccompanied minors,’ the majority of whom reportedly have family members already in the U.S.

“A physician, dentist and nurse performed on-site screenings, and each child was provided a bag of clean clothes, shoes and toiletries before being directed to the shower area,” the Erie Times-News reports, citing Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) sources.

“After they showered, they (felt like) new kids,” said HHS spokeswoman Trish Danner. “Some hadn’t been able to shower in 15 days.”

Horror stories have emerged from brutally overcrowded migrant facilities run by federal authorities where children say they could only shower once in five days.

More than 150 federal employees are being relocated to Erie to care for the child migrants – in addition to medical personnel and teachers.

Religious organizations are also lending assistance.

“The Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie said a local volunteer effort will be led by Sister Linda Yankoski, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh-based Holy Family Institute, which also has received children from the border at its facilities in that city,” CBS Pittsburgh reports.

More migrants are expected to be moved to the site in the coming days.

Migrant minors are being shuttled to facilities around the U.S., including convention centerstemporary camps, and even a NASA research center.

Disturbing footage captures a woman with infamous cartel tattoos moving a baby at an airport.

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