FIGHT BACK: Amanda Chase Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Virginia Senate, Cites Violations of 1st, 14th Amendments

FIGHT BACK: Amanda Chase Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against
Virginia Senate, Cites Violations of 1st, 14th Amendments 1

Virginia State Senator and Republican candidate for Governor, Amanda Chase, has filed a civil rights lawsuit in response to a Democrat-led vote to censure her as punishment for attending President Trump’s January 6th speech against election fraud.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit, Chase’s legal representative, Attorney Tim Anderson of Virginia Beach’s Anderson and Associates, accused the Senate of committing “deliberate violations” of the 1st and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, while at the same time disregarding its own rules surrounding due process.

Anderson noted that the censuring of Chase rode solely on her speech and that while a majority of Senate Democrats may disagree with her, Chase has a First Amendment right to speak freely, as do all Americans.

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In addition to the fierce partisanship gripping Richmond at the hands of a Democrat legislative and executive majority, Chase’s suit touches on much larger issues facing the nation and sheds light on what many describe as a concerted effort against the right to free speech by media outlets, corporations, politicians, and everyday Americans who have decided to target and destroy those questioning election results.

Democrat John Bell, who introduced the resolution to censure Chase, has gone on the record about his attitudes towards the 1st Amendment, claiming that “free speech is not absolute,” and accusing Chase of sedition for joining millions of Americans in calling for an investigation into contested election results. “We can’t make seditious comments,” says Bell.

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Senator Louise Lucas, a co-patron of Bell’s resolution, and Chairwoman of Terry McAuliffe’s latest campaign for Governor took things a step further, directly attacking freedom of speech in saying “we can no longer allow [Chase] to spread conspiracy theories without consequences,” claiming that Chase’s opposition to election fraud equated to “helping to incite the insurrection to overthrow the government.”

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