Florida Town Votes to Make First Week of February ‘Donald Trump Week’

Florida Town Votes to Make First Week of February ‘Donald
Trump Week’ 1

City leaders in a small Florida town voted to make the first week of February “Donald J. Trump Week.”

Frostproof, Florida’s city council voted on the resolution at a meeting on Monday, according to a local NBC affiliate station.

The town is made up of about 3,180 people and is situated in Polk County, which voted for Trump heavily in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

The town’s proclamation said Trump won more than 75% of residents’ votes in both elections.

“Former President Donald J. Trump was overwhelmingly supported, and received 76.43% of the votes in Frostproof, Florida, Precinct 537, won the state of Florida twice and received more votes than any incumbent in United States History,” the proclamation stated, according to a copy obtained by the local outlet.

The proclamation also boasted of the Trump administration’s economic and foreign policy triumphs.

“While President, the U.S. gained millions of new jobs, including more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs while designating 9,000 opportunity zones,” it said. “The United States engaged in no new wars under the President Trump administration, while bringing many troops home.”

Austin Gravley, a member of the Frostproof City Council, said the proclamation is the “first of its kind” and said he was “proud to be a part” of the effort.

The move comes a couple of weeks after a Florida state legislator proposed renaming U.S. Route 27 after Trump.

Sabatini was present at the Frostproof City Council’s meeting when the town voted in favor of honoring Trump with a dedicated week, the local NBC outlet reported.

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