For Portland rioters, Biden’s potential election means nothing- they want to burn down the system

For Portland rioters, Biden’s potential election means
nothing- they want to burn down the system 1

The following article contains editorial content written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

PORTLAND, OR- Many people have been under the impression that the lunatics who have been rioting and tearing up cities across the country for the past seven months would be assuaged with a potential loss by President Trump in the election.

After all, the belief was that once “orange man” was kicked to the curb and the dementia-riddled Biden was elected, all would be sunshine and lollipops. That feeling may have been premature, at least in the case of ground zero for the nut jobs, Portland, Oregon, according to The Federalist.

Biden, who has been declared the president-elect by everyone except those that actually matter, the people who certify the voting results, gave a “speech” last Saturday in which he asked Americans to “put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. It’s time for Americans to unite. And to heal.”

Well, aside from members of his own party such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY) and former treasury secretary Robert B. Reich advocating “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” to target Trump supporters, that is a noble cause. Someone, however might want to let the anarchy crew in and around Portland know that.

At the same time Biden was giving his premature victory speech, rioters in Portland were doing the usual—destroying things and harassing people. In fact, many of those same thugs didn’t care that Biden won. Their mission isn’t to unite the country…their mission is to destroy the country.

In the week before the election, the Antifa-inspired mob was at it again, burning American flags, tossing Molotov cocktails, vandalizing businesses and basically just raising hell as they have done nearly every night since George Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody in May.

Finally, after six months of mayhem, spineless Gov. Kate Brown finally called in the National Guard.

When Biden was projected to be the winner last Saturday by the media, Antifa members in Portland led a violent anti-Joe Biden protest on Sunday, while attacking the Multnomah County Democrats headquarters building, smashing windows and spray painting graffiti which promoted anarchy and Black Lives Matter.

After Democrats spent six months trying to blame President Trump for this mindless violence, it is clear that it doesn’t matter who the president is…the anarchists want to tear the system down.

Reason reported that the day after the presidential election, there was an event to take place organized by the PNW Youth Liberation Front. One of the flyers advertising the event said, “WHOEVER THEY VOTE FOR, WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE.”

Trump made an easy target when these violent riots started late last spring, a convenient punching bag for Democrats who were looking to gain an edge for the presidential election.

Clearly the anarchists in Portland and other major cities by and large are vehemently opposed to President Trump. However that type of thinking is narrow-minded when examining what these people are up to.

According to a tweet that was posted on Election Night, it read: “Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden, death to America! We want something better than this trash, and we’re going to take it.”

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There you have it. They don’t give a rip who the president is, or who controls the House or the Senate. They want to tear it down. Cloward-Piven strategy, of which we did an article on this week. The Democrats are just ignorant dupes who happen to be playing right into their hands.

The event on Nov. 4 started out fairly quiet, Reason said, with small groups gathering and setting up tables with soup and cans of water with flyers reading “Are You an Anarchist? (the answer may surprise you!).”

As of 3:30 p.m. on that day, those gathered began getting instructed on what to do if you are arrested and to make sure all encounters with police were recorded.

“What you’re doing is you’re creating a clear record that you invoked your right to remain silent and asked to see a lawyer,” he says. “You’re reminding the good cops to be good cops—and I say good cops carefully. That’s not to say that the good cops won’t try to ruin your life and your friend’s life and your family’s life and your children’s lives, because they will, that’s their job…they will follow the law when they’re in the process of trying to ruin your life.”

For those in attendance, this was old news. As Reason said, most have been here before, probably since May 27 when this whole fiasco started. Many have been arrested; estimates are more than 1,000 arrests have been made, however the district attorney has vowed not to prosecute most of the offenses. Most likely view arrests as merely an inconvenience. The coaching was met with a collective yawn.

One of those in attendance who called himself Truth told attendees why he voted for Biden:

“With this election I chose who I wanted to fight…I would much rather to fight a feeble-minded neoliberal than a narcissistic racist neo-fascist.”

Get that? He voted for Biden because he views him as weaker. That should be a wakeup call for Americans…but it won’t be.

Politics means little to these anarchists…they’re in it to tear down the system after all. The system means nothing to them. So if it isn’t politics that motivates them what is it? Reason “reasons” that it’s the fight, the ability to get in people’s faces and scream, spit and yell…to get their hands on whatever is convenient and break it.

Many on the conservative side of the aisle tried to warn liberals and Democrats that while Trump made a convenient target for these anarchists, this was about so much more than that.

As The Federalist noted, conservatives warned that the people engaged in these acts in cities like Portland were “insatiable.” Merely “getting rid of Trump” would not be enough. 

They don’t care about Biden, they don’t care about Democrats and they don’t give a crap about AOC or “The Squad.” What they want is anarchy, revenge, and chaos. They won’t stop, at least not on their own. And clearly, it doesn’t appear that Joe Biden has the will or the intestinal fortitude to stop it either.

This is exactly why the mainstream media and social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are complicit in whatever happens, or has happened.

They buried all stories of violence occurring in our major cities. Unless someone tuned to Fox News (when they actually reported real news) or one of the other conservative outlets, they wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on.

Oh, you could tune to ABC or CNN, who had reporters talking about “peaceful protests” while buildings burned behind them, but such incidents were dismissed as “rare.”

While President Trump warned the American people about the violence taking place across the country, others such as Joe Biden called him a racist for saying so. It was only after polling showed Biden’s apathy about the violence wasn’t playing well with voters that he made tepid condemnations about the violence.

This despite the fact that if anyone has a history of putting themselves out there as a racist, it’s Joe Biden.

Should Biden actually be sworn in as president, it will be interesting to how exactly he responds to the ongoing violence. Clearly, the mere fact that he may have been elected president will not be enough to satisfy anarchists such as those in Portland.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler learned this the hard way. When he tried to suck up to rioting thugs in Portland, he was repaid by having them protest in his apartment building. Hell, Wheeler was almost beaten by an ADMITTED Antifa member in this month’s election.

Unlike President Trump, who shows that he is a strong, if not popular leader, Biden is seen as weak. And these anarchists will, as they admitted, see a weak, frail, “feeble-minded” “leader” who they believe is ripe for the picking. That is not good for our country, aside from the fact that many Democrats are actually ideologically in synch with these people.

These people cannot be negotiated with. There is no middle ground. Destroy the country is the goal…nothing less.  

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