'Ford v. Ferrari' Director James Mangold Says He Won't Direct a Movie in Georgia

'Ford v. Ferrari' Director James Mangold Says He Won't
Direct a Movie in Georgia 1

Hollywood filmmaker James Mangold has stated that he will not direct a movie in Georgia, indirectly citing the state’s recent voter integrity law that seeks to curb voter fraud by instituting identification requirements and other measures.

His boycott has been seconded by Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who retweeted the hashtag #NoMoreFilmingInGeogia.

The director of Ford v. Ferrari, Walk the Line, and Logan made his declaration in a recent tweet. “I will not direct a film in Georgia,” Mangold wrote.

He later tweeted an explanation to fellow Hollywood director Rod Lurie, saying that other states “allow people to vote.”

Actor Mark Hamill voiced his support for Mangold’s boycott of the state, urging others in Hollywood to follow suit.

On Thursday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed into law Senate Bill 202, which is intended to combat fraud by implementing voter identification requirements and limiting ballot drop boxes throughout the state. The new law also gives the Georgia State Elections Board the power to take over county election boards in areas that may require oversight.

Left-wing Hollywood elites have incorrectly claimed the new law deprives black people of the right to vote, citing the identification requirements. They have called the legislation racist and smeared state GOP leaders as white supremacists.

The left is now mounting pressure campaigns on companies to boycott the state. Georgia is Hollywood’s most popular shooting destination thanks to lucrative tax credits for movie and TV productions. Many of Marvel Studios’ superhero movies are filmed in Georgia, like Black Panther and its planned sequel.

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