Former Nevada Assemblyman Jim Marchant Explains Nationwide Project to Elect Patriots for Secretary of State

Former Nevada Assemblyman Jim Marchant Explains Nationwide
Project to Elect Patriots for Secretary of State 1

Former Nevada assemblyman Jim Marchant recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss his run for secretary of state and to discuss his project to elect patriots to the position of secretary of state nationwide.

Marchant explained that elections for secretary of state have emerged as the most important across the country after the unprecedented cheating and fraud that occurred in the 2020 presidential election, and that he and other patriots are stepping up to the plate to run for that crucial office.

“This was formulated back in February, and we kind of kicked it off on May 1. We had our inaugural meeting with all of these candidates. They all came to Las Vegas, and we had a really great meeting all day and came up with a platform and things we could all agree to run on across the country,” he said.

“And we have a six-point contract with our respective states. It’s things like voter ID and paper ballots and clean up the voter roles and aggressive poll watch reform, single-day voting, that kind of thing. So we’re all kind of on the same page there, and that’s what we’re going to campaign on, and we definitely need to get America First candidates elected in these seats,” Marchant added.

Marchant said that his group is countering a diabolical effort hatched by billionaire oligarch George Soros, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrat operatives back in 2004 to take over secretary of state positions across the country to grease the skids toward the leftist takeover that is ravaging the country right now.

“The 2020 election is a direct result of the millions and millions of dollars that was funnelled into this effort to take over these seats, and it was a massive election fraud scheme,” he said.

Marchant explained how the Democrats are in power throughout Nevada and refuse to do anything about preventing systemic election fraud. He said that activists need to keep their eye on the ball and be vigilant during these times of unprecedented deception.

“Let’s keep our eye on the ball for correcting a lot of the problems in these states and forcing forensic audits where we can,” he said.

Marchant explained that his state legislature is unfortunately “infested with RINOs” who are helping the Democrats continue to perpetuate election fraud, and the emboldened conservative grassroots is rising up to pose a challenge to these subversive actors.

“It’s up to us, the conservatives that either were an elected official like I was and running for a higher office, to motivate everyone in Nevada to stay engaged, and that’s what we are doing, but we have a problem with the RINOs here. That’s something we’re desperately trying to fix, and we’re going to do that,” he said.

Marchant’s website for his secretary of state run is He also urges people to visit the Conservatives for Election Integrity PAC, his coalition to elect patriots for secretary of state roles and other crucial positions nationwide, at to see what individuals are running to enact election fraud reform in your state.

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