Gab CEO: Easy GOP Victories In Virginia Meant To Distract From 2020 Election, ‘Do Not Forget’

Gab CEO: Easy GOP Victories In Virginia Meant To Distract
From 2020 Election, ‘Do Not Forget’ 1

On the heels of the Republican sweep of Virginia’s statewide elected offices, Gab CEO Andrew Torba suggested that Democrats did not fortify the Virginia election in an effort to distract voters from the 2020 election that was plagued with credible accusations of widespread voter fraud.

“We are all being PSYOP’ed again by the people who control the outcomes of elections,” wrote Gab CEO Andrew Torba. “It’s no coincidence that establishment controlled “Republican” candidates “sweep” a blue state the day before the first anniversary of the most rigged election in US History.”

“They want you to forget. They want people talking about Virginia tomorrow. Not what happened in Arizona, PA, and so many other states one year ago tomorrow. Do not forget.”

Gab CEO: Easy GOP Victories In Virginia Meant To Distract
From 2020 Election, ‘Do Not Forget’ 2

Most of the questions surrounding the 2020 election remain unresolved, and efforts to answer them – namely the Arizona Audit – have revealed startling anomalies that far exceed the margin of historically unpopular Joe Biden’s purported victory.

The sentiment was shared by a veteran political consultant familiar with election integrity efforts who spoke to National File. Speaking anonymously, this consultant told National File that he believes Youngkin and other establishment-backed candidates are being allowed to win by large margins to distract the public from election integrity efforts happening around the country.

According to this source, many of the Republicans who won in the historic victory are not considered threatening to the Democrats’ agenda when compared to President Donald Trump or other populist, anti-establishment candidates.

Regardless, it appears Youngkin sailed to victory largely based on public revulsion regarding a series of public school scandals. Initially upset over critical race theory, parents were shocked to learn that homosexual pornography had been introduced into classrooms, and horrified to learn that a 14-year-old girl was raped by a “skirt-wearing” 15-year-old boy in a transgender-friendly bathroom.

On election day, the boy’s mother said the rape as “an accident” and claims that the two planned to have consensual sexual intercourse in the bathroom, taking advantage of the Democrat-approved transgender restroom policy.

President Trump has also taken credit for the victory, suggesting that his endorsement motivated the “MAGA voters” to take to the polls and send Youngkin and other Republicans to public office with historic margins.

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