Gavin Newsom’s Deception: Lockdowns to Return after Recall Election

Gavin Newsom’s Deception: Lockdowns to Return after Recall
Election 1

Op-Ed by Krishna Chandrasekaran

California Governor Gavin Newsom, one of the many U.S. state governors to impose lockdowns and restrictions because of the reported and media-hyped COVID-19 pandemic, is facing a recall election in 2021. Newsom’s restrictions have been among the strictest and longest-lasting. In addition to the common ones like shutting down physical face-to-face businesses, like retail stores and offices that serve walk-in clients, and even the few industrial factories remaining in the state of California, Newsom has also mandated mask wearing at almost every moment, even outdoors. Newsom has also ordered mandatory social distancing, which means staying at least 6-feet apart from another human being. In addition to the standard restrictions, Newsom has even tried imposing less common rules like forcing restaurant customers to wear masks in-between bites; no, that is not fabricated, even if the restriction didn’t actually take effect. No written law in the state of California, nor any authority in the U.S. Constitution, gives Governor Newsom the right to implement any of these rules and restrictions, and that’s why they truly are verbal edicts, not laws. Even the courts have ruled against Newsom’s ban on indoor church gatherings, but Newsom violates the court ruling and continues to impose his restrictions, seemingly with impunity, as the courts fail to hold Newsom in contempt of court or to send the marshals against him.

So far, the majority of California residents haven’t objected to Newsom’s restrictions, and believe the narrative of the severity of the reported COVID-19 pandemic. However, the one red flag that Newsom committed was banning people from going to the beach. This restriction is the biggest trigger for the California gubernatorial recall election in 2021. In May 2021, the recall petition got enough signatures to make the ballot. Soon after the recall qualified for the ballot, Governor Newsom announced that he will “end” restrictions on June 15th, 2021 – no more masks, social distancing, business closures etc.; everything is right back to normal, or so it seems on the surface. The big question now remains, is Governor Newsom being sincere, or is he being deceptive in his apparent newfound respect for individual liberty, normalization, and limits on gubernatorial power? The forecast for this post is that Governor Newsom is indeed being deceptive, and that he believes the voters are quite easy to fool. The rest of this post will explain why.

First of all, Governor Newsom is pushing the recall election to be early, as early as late August 2021. Normally, elections like this occur in November, but this recall election will instead be held on September 14th, 2021. Why would Newsom be eager to hold it early; the best explanation is that he wants his approval rating to be high while people enjoy the temporary relaxation of restrictions, thinking that restrictions won’t ever return, in order to boost his chances of winning and surviving the recall election. What other advantage would Newsom have in pushing the recall election early? None. By pushing the recall election early, Newsom could, and will, then re-impose his restrictions in the late fall/winter 2021, especially by justifying it as flu season and the wave of the next COVID variant. Already, even before the recall election, Los Angeles County, CA, is re-imposing restrictions because of the so-called Delta variant that is making media headlines as the next major and deadly pandemic. Has Governor Newsom grown a conscience and learned the errors and immorality of his restrictions; has he now developed a genuine respect for individual liberties and staying within the boundaries of his power as governor so as to not be a bona fide tyrant? If the answer is no, which is the most likely answer, then, as this post forecasts, restrictions and lockdowns will return in the fall and winter, especially if Newsom survives the recall election, knowing that he won’t be at risk of losing political power. Perhaps more importantly, have the people of California learned that the restrictions of the past year and a half have been illegitimate by law, both on state and Constitutional standards, and ineffective, especially when the people were first told that only two weeks of restrictions were necessary to end the pandemic? Again, if the answer is no, and if the people of California will go along with the future restrictions, even if unlawful and unconstitutional, announced by the governor, then it’s all too hard for someone like governor Newsom to resist the temptation to seize the opportunity to impose his grand power of restrictions, with nearly total impunity, on the people yet again.

As Lord Acton is famous for saying, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The absolute and immense emergency COVID powers have absolutely corrupted Newsom, as well as the vast majority of U.S. state governors. While it seems at the moment that Newsom has rid himself of power’s corruption, the reality is that he’s only feigning it until he knows his position of power as governor is secured through winning the recall election.

In closing, the forecast is; Newsom is easing restrictions only to boost his chances of surviving the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election. Especially if Newsom wins, the forecast is also that restrictions will return in the fall or winter time of 2021.

Only time will prove this forecast to be true or not, but if this forecast does indeed prove to be true, nobody can say they weren’t warned, even if the corporate media (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC) failed to do its job in warning the people.

Source: Liberty Forecast Blog

Gavin Newsom’s Deception: Lockdowns to Return after Recall
Election 2

Image: Spiro Skouras

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