Gen. McInerney says Trump needs to declare national emergency, seize all Dominion machines

Gen. McInerney says Trump needs to declare national
emergency, seize all Dominion machines 1

(Natural News) Should President Donald Trump suspend habeas corpus and declare a national emergency in order to stop the steal? Retired Air Force Gen. Thomas McInerney thinks so, arguing during a recent interview on the John Fredericks Show that Trump has legal options available to him should he choose to go that route.

Both the Insurrection Act and the Sept. 2018 Executive Order concerning election fraud allow for Trump to take emergency action in the event of an attempted coup, which is precisely what he is now facing.

The Democrats are clearly trying to steal the election for Joe Biden. And if both the states and the courts refuse to cooperate with efforts to bring about justice in the form of a free and fair election, then Trump will have no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

“When you coordinate six to 10 states using cyber warfare to change the outcome, these are treasonous acts, they’re not dirty deeds or fraudulent voting, they’re treasonous acts, punishable by death,” McInerney contends about the extent of the fraud that has taken place.

“They are trying to take over our government. When you use cyber warfare, as you’ve seen in the Dominion Voting Systems, as well as the CIA rogue systems that they’ve used; Hammer and Scorecard, which we’ve talked about. In addition, you have no FBI or DOJ prior investigation, to my knowledge.”

Hybrid warfare of the 21st century requires an extraordinary response

Just like Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt did when faced with national tragedies, Trump has both the option and the duty to preserve the republic against enemies both foreign and domestic.

We know for a fact that enemies both foreign and domestic interfered and tampered with the 2020 election results. Some of these malignant players hail from China, Iran and yes, even Russia – except the Russians were working on behalf of Democrats, not Republicans.

Attorney General William Barr, Cyber Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) head Chris Krebs, and other deep state actors have made it clear that they have no interest in pursuing justice. Krebs, unbelievably, had the gall to declare this as a “perfect election” with “no discrepancies.”

The crafters of our Constitution never could have envisioned the type of cyber warfare that took place as part of this attempted election heist. McInerney calls it “hybrid warfare in the 21st century,” and it was waged without a single shot being fired.

It is thus critically important, he contends, to deal with this swiftly and harshly, particularly as it pertains to the Dominion machines, which need to be impounded and examined before the election thieves have a chance to alter or destroy them.

“This will be the last election we ever have, because – and it’s going to happen down in Georgia, if they do not cut off the Hammer Scorecard and those machines, if they aren’t monitored and watched very carefully, we’re going to have the same outcome,” McInerney says.

“It doesn’t matter how many Republicans show up. You’re always going to have a three percent difference, with the Democrats winning.”

Another swamp creature who has done nothing to address the obvious election fraud in the room is FBI Director Christopher Wray. America has not heard a word from him since the bombshells started to drop, and this is precisely why McInerney is calling for Trump to take action himself.

“The president has got to declare this a national emergency,” McInerney says. “He has the authority and the executive order and the Insurrection Act. He must act.”

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