General Michael Flynn Endorses Jarome Bell for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District

General Michael Flynn Endorses Jarome Bell for Congress in
Virginia’s 2nd District 1

General Michael Flynn has announced his endorsement of retired Navy Chief Jarome Bell, who is seeking the GOP nomination to Congress in Virginia’s battleground 2nd District. The news marks Bell’s second high-profile endorsement in as many days and comes as America First conservatives and election integrity advocates begin to coalesce around his campaign.

In making his endorsement, General Flynn highlighted Jarome Bell’s Christian faith, family focus, and military career, saying that Bell understands that a servicemember’s oath to the United States Constitution never expires. General Flynn also remarked that he has full confidence in Bell to help lead the charge from Washington as the American people fight back against the “communist assault on our freedoms.”

“Jarome Bell’s 27 years of service in the U.S. Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, as well as his understanding that his oath never expires, proves Jarome will stand his ground against the constant onslaught by the socialist left anti-American attacks,” Flynn said in endorsing Bell. “For these reasons and many more, I am strongly and wholeheartedly endorsing Jarome for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District,” he continued.

“Jarome’s fearlessness is rooted in his faith in God, and in line with that faith, Chief Bell is a stellar example of the Statesman, Father, and Warrior America needs as she weathers the communist assault on our freedoms.”

General Flynn went on to praise Bell for his decision to forego a “quiet Navy retirement and to get back into the arena,” reminding voters that instead of living out his days while pulling a pension and hanging out at home, Bell has worked tirelessly to make his family and community better off and that running for Congress is just the latest chapter in a life full of service. “And he is doing this against all odds and against the very well-funded establishment,” Flynn said, drawing attention to Bell’s primary race opponent, State Senator Jen Kiggans, who enjoys the backing of Virginia’s GOP establishment.

If she wins her party’s nomination, Kiggans has announced that she will employ the twice-defeated, centrist-style playbook of her predecessor, ex-GOP Congressman Scott Taylor, in a general election against Democrat incumbent Elaine Luria – who she was recently caught plagiarizing.

General Flynn also highlighted a lawsuit filed by Bell against tech giant Facebook, who he accuses in federal court of anti-Christian censorship and electioneering on behalf of left-wing Democrats, remarking that “Jarome Bell is taking the fight against censorship and election integrity right to the biggest offenders, like Facebook – and ultimately to Congress.”

While Bell’s opponent, Jen Kiggans has supported key pieces of legislation like the ERA and the anti-Christian Virginia Values Act, championed by the LGBT lobby and far-left Governor Ralph Northam, General Flynn says he believes that Bell will fight for America’s ultimate weapon – the family – in Congress.

“As a family man and football coach, Chief Bell knows that liberty must be fought for and handed down from one generation to the next, and that battle begins within the sacred confines of the nuclear family.”

“Jarome Bell’s courage, his faith, and his loyalty to God, Family, and Country make him the right person at the right time to win back Virginia’s 2nd District and fight for Virginia and our country,” Flynn said.

Flynn’s endorsement marks the second in as many days from an America First conservative who has been on the frontlines of the fight against the radical left. Just a day prior to Flynn’s endorsement and as previously reported by National File, Bell was endorsed by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers. Rogers has been at the forefront of election audit efforts in Arizona, where auditors have reportedly found tens of thousands of illegal and invalid ballots – enough to potentially vacate the reported results of the 2020 Presidential Election in the state.

Bell also boasts the endorsement of Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, an election integrity champion who has acted as a voice in favor of forensic election audits on Capitol Hill, despite Democrat attempts to silence him. Like Bell, Gosar has also taken on big tech and recently introduced legislation to stop the censorship of the American people online.

Following Flynn’d endorsement, Bell told National File that he was “excited, humbled, and honored to receive the support of a man of honor like General Flynn. A man who served this country at the highest level and was a member of President Trump’s cabinet.”

“To me, he’s the epitome of strength,” Bell said. “He was dragged through the mud, he had his life destroyed, but he never wavered from the truth and his belief in God, family, and country.”

A far cry from Bell’s support for forensic audits and his legal battle against big tech censorship, his primary race opponent, Jen Kiggans recently affirmed that Joe “Biden is the President” of the United States while dancing her way around a question from radio show host John Fredricks when he asked her point-blank whether or not she believed that Donald Trump had won the 2020 Presidential Election. Instead of massive and historic levels of fraud and electioneering, Kiggans says her concern is a lack of trust in the system.

After being asked a second time whether Trump had won the election, Kiggans still refused to answer.

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